Million-Man Jummah March For Yemen’s Fallen: Al-Saud Cannot Defeat Ansarullah And The Yemeni Culture Of Martyrdom

by Jonathan Azaziah

Never lose track of the truth that steadfastness and faith, defiance and resistance are all interchangeable with the word “YEMENI”. Beginning at the crack of dawn yesterday for Jummah, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and its supporters mobilized in their millions on the streets of Sanaa to offer their salutes to the moujahideen of Ansarullah who had fallen defending Yemen over the past week, as well as the many civilians who had lost their lives to US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed Saudi air strikes and siege. Yemen’s capital turned into a human sea of martyr portraits, Yemeni flags and banners of Ansarullah’s slogan–the best slogan there is. With bombs falling all around them, the first concern of the Yemeni Mouqawamah was to uphold the honor of its martyrs, a missive to the Wahhabi-Takfiri despots that no drop of blood that they spill is forgotten. You chilled up yet? I damn sure am.

What does it say that Yemen has, for all intents and purposes, been destroyed by the genocidal Saudi tyrants and their mercenaries, but its wondrous people still demonstrate like everyday life hasn’t been hindered let alone stopped? Is it a matter of desensitization or shellshock? No… No, not even close. The roots of this phenomenon can be found in the Houthis’ aforementioned mighty slogan: “God Is Great! Death To America! Death To ‘Israel’! Curse Be On The Jews! Victory To Islam!” This is the chant that rings out like a global cataclysm, shaking tyrants in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City as well as globe-holders in Washington, London and “Tel Aviv”. Ruin doesn’t even factor into the Yemeni identity because ruin is always transcended by resilience.

Saudi Arabia increases its aggression, signs new arms deals with the Trump regime, trots out fresh hasbara, massacres another funeral and Yemen, eternal and remarkable Yemen, doesn’t even budge. Yemen just fights back and fights on. For the martyred. For the living. For the future – A free, independent, sovereign and Anti-Zionist Yemen. If this were a parable, Dönmeh Al-Saud’s assault on the Yemeni people would be like one who feels a pick-axe will crumble a mountain; one who thinks a lone match will melt a glacier; one who hopes a droplet of water will be enough to combat a forest fire; one who believes the throne of men is higher than the throne of God. Yes indeed, Saudi Arabia is, unquestionably, DELUSIONAL to go to war with such an immovable, unbreakable organism like the Houthiyeen.

Ansarullah’s greatest strength, contrary to conventional wisdom, is not its fighting prowess (though it is fierce), nor its military strategy (though it is brilliant), nor even its faith (though it is certain, limitless and empowering). The greatest strength of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance is in fact its connectedness to its people and the Culture of Martyrdom that they adhere to, one which is rivaled only by their ideological brothers and mentors in Lebanon’s Hizbullah. Also contrary to conventional wisdom, the Culture of Martyrdom is not “death-worship” nor “celebration of death”, but rather it is the unrelenting belief that good will prevail over evil no matter what, whether in this life or the next, so if one was to fall in defense of justice, one can take solace knowing that they did right and are leaving behind this world for a better one. Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.) and all of Ansarullah’s martyrs exemplify this ten fold. Essentially, the Culture of Martyrdom is an embrace of death’s inevitability but a categorical rejection of death’s finality.

Simplifying it even further, in a word, the Culture of Martyrdom, which was on glorious display yesterday in Sanaa, is FEARLESSNESS. Thus, let us return to the concept of parables to conclude: A nation which swims through fear as if it were nothing can never be conquered by a nation drowning in fear as if it were everything. A terrible reckoning awaits you o’ Saudi monsters; a terrible reckoning at the hands of the Houthiyeen and the Yemeni nation of tens of millions behind them whose stampede cannot be contained; a terrible reckoning paved with the blood of Yemen’s martyrs; a terrible reckoning that will seal the deal on your long-awaited, much-deserved demise. #LongLiveYemen #LongLiveAnsarullah #LongLiveTheYemeniFallen #DeathToSaud

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