Merry Orthodox Christmas To Mother Russia, Vladimir Putin And The Heroic Russian Armed Forces

by Jonathan Azaziah

A merry, merry, MERRY Orthodox Christmas to Mother Russia, President Vladimir Putin and the warm, generous and pure-hearted Russian people. Amid this new blitz of Russophobia unleashed on the planet by the Zionist media and Western regimes, it’s vital not to get swept up in the torrential propaganda rains and lose sight of just how much Russia has given to humanity via its steadfast counter-hegemonic position on Syria. The Russian Federation exercised its full international power at the UN, vetoing resolution after resolution that even APPEARED to pose a threat to the Syrian Arab Republic. Moscow has pumped tens of billions of dollars into the Syrian economy –rivaled in this department only by the Islamic Republic of Iran–in the form of direct funds, weapons to fight terrorism, petrol, food and other necessities as a means of counteracting the cruel, criminal US-EU sanctions.

The Aerospace Forces of Russia have launched the critical aerial raids which have paved the way in numerous offensives implemented by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, most prominently in Aleppo. Above and beyond all of this, with Syria’s second city now liberated from Al-Qaeda, Russia’s best and brightest soldiers are maintaining their presence in Halab to hand out gifts and hot meals to displaced Syrian youth, as well as to set up mobile hospitals to treat so many who were wounded in Takfiri terrorist atrocities. Russian sappers are putting their lives on the line daily to comb Aleppo for mines left behind by the Wahhabi thugs, who put explosives in everything from the walls of apartment buildings to children’s toys. And now, Russian military police, just deployed to Halab a few weeks ago, have set up shop to provide security to the city and continue the Federation’s humanitarian mission.

These selfless men have departed from their families at the holiest and happiest time of the year to make sure that Syrians, including Armenians and a handful of Circassian Christians who also celebrate Orthodox Christmas, have peace, security and hope to rebuild their country. Is it solidarity? Certainly. Is it representative of the rock-solid brotherhood, friendship and strategic alliance between Moscow and Damascus? Undoubtedly. Most of all however, and at the root, it’s bravery. Good ol’ fashioned, classical bravery. So when we say Merry Orthodox Christmas to our Russian brethren, there is a special greeting reserved for Russia’s dauntless uniformed defenders. Because of them, not just Syria and the Russian Federation, but the entirety of God’s Green Earth is a much better and much safer place.

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