Martyred Leaders’ Day 2019: The Sacrifices Of The Holy Hizbullahi Three Will Lead Us To Victory Over The Zio-Tumor

by Jonathan Azaziah

It was on this day 35 years ago that Sheikh Ragheb Harb (R.A.) was assassinated by ‘Israel’ and it was also on this day, 27 years ago, that Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) was murdered by the same genocidal, illegitimate, demonic entity. This day also represents Hizbullah’s official birthday, as it was on this day 34 years ago that Hizbullah declared its existence to the planet with its “Open Letter To The Oppressed In Lebanon and The World”.

The document noted that Sheikh Ragheb (R.A.) “sacrificed his soul and was martyred in order to grant them [the Lebanese people] victory, and was a witness to the tyranny and oppression of the global oppressors.” It deemed him “Sheikh al-Shouhada” as well as the “Happy Martyr” and a “clear guide to all the freedom fighters in Lebanon”. Harb’s blood is thus the foundation of the Mouqawamah. Lest we also forget that four days before the 16th of February in 2008, Hajj Imad Mughniyeh (R.A.), the architect of Hizbullah’s hybrid school of warfare, was removed from the physical plane by “Tel Aviv”. So it is fitting that God’s Party annually marks February 16th as Martyred Leaders’ Day–a holiday of remembrance for the greatest Shouhada the Moustazafeen have ever produced and a confirmation that their examples are what we should follow in our continued struggle against Empire Zionica.

Much has been written about them here, both in reference to their humble origins and in poetic awe of their achievements. Much else has been written by official organs of the Resistance by infinitely better and more qualified Mouqawamistic individuals. Thus, we’ve decided that this year, we will focus solely on an observation made by all of the Holy Hizbullahi Three that is most pertinent to our current position in the world vis-a-vis liberating humanity from the yoke of a plutocratic, oligarchical, hegemonic system that subjugates all peoples like slaves: ‘Israel’, the entity occupying Palestine, is not only illegal… It is not only illegitimate… It is only colonialist… It is not only aggressive and murderous… It is not only artificial… It is not only an imperialistic implant… It is not only a thief… It is a cancerous tumor that must be excised from the Islamicate.

This is not an analysis offered up by Western academics or activists — be they Arab/Muslim or not — but three saintly personalities who fought ‘Israel’, aided the Palestinian people (and later, their Resistance) against ‘Israel’ and were ultimately martyred by ‘Israel’. Their words, their notes and their stances mean more than anyone and anything. They are truly experts with an expertise so vast, that it is unmatched except by those who were partners on their path like Sayyed Zulfiqar Badreddine (R.A.), Hajj Alaa Bosnia (R.A.) and others. If they say the artificial Jewish “state” is a cancerous tumor, it’s a cancerous tumor. And if they say it has to be eradicated, it has to be eradicated.

‘Israel’ is not an “apartheid state” as “apartheid” doesn’t even sum it up properly; “hafrada”, the Judaic concept of separation between Jews and “Goyim”, is a much more appropriate term and it signifies the Jewish supremacist (and wholly unsustainable) nature of its roots. There is no “reformation” for this entity. There is no “one state solution” with the rapists, pillagers, war criminals, supremacists, hate-mongers, terrorists and squatters that comprise its fabric, define its society and represent its interests.

When one has a malignant growth in one’s body, does one ask for a little bit of chemo so some of the malignancy remains? No. If one has contracted gangrene on one’s appendages, let’s say a leg, does one leave part of that infected limb so it subsequently spreads to the rest of the body? No. One removes the whole contaminated area so the body itself can be preserved. When one has a terrible virus ravaging their immune system, does one take antibiotics in an insufficient dosage to barely keep the virus at bay, or does one take the correct dosage to eliminate the virus completely and return to a fully healthy state? The latter, obviously. Why then would even a single soul think it’s a good idea to leave ‘Israel’ intact in any form, shape, or way just so it can do what it has been doing for the last 70 years as an entity with a name, and no less than half a century before that as a project of criminal Jewish colonies? Hard to argue when it’s put like that, ain’t it?

Indeed, as the 1st point of the 7th section in Hizbullah”s “Open Letter” declares, the primary Mouqawamah objective is “To expel ‘Israel’ from Lebanon for good, as a prelude to its total annihilation, and the liberation from Al-Quds and Palestine’s holy cities from the occupation.” Section 15 is bluntly titled, “The ‘Israeli’ regime must be completely wiped out of existence”, and the Zio-Tumor is condemned as a “rapist enemy” which has expansionist designs on the lands that exist between the Nile and the Euphrates.

As the victorious Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah makes clear, it’s not enough to drive ‘Israel’ out from here or there. It’s a cancerous tumor. It has to go from top to bottom until not a trace is left. While vicious and ubiquitous, the Zio-Cancer is also one with heavy weakness. Nobody said it more brilliantly or beautifully than Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.), “The ‘Israeli’ regime is a cancerous tumor, but with limitations like that of a rainbow–the closer one gets to it, the less visible it becomes until it fades away completely.”

In less esoteric and eloquent terms, the more you encroach upon it, no matter how seemingly unapproachable it seems, and the more you fight it, the further it is eroded until it remains in your vision no longer. Or on the flipside, the closer ‘Israel’ thinks it’s getting to its goals, the further away those goals become thanks to the steadfastness and sacrifices of the Resistance. Hizbullah has proven this by killing both “Greater Israel” in 2000 and the “New Middle East” in 2006. A boycott, while an important tactic for raising awareness and one which should be pursued in context of Global Zionism, not only ‘Israeli’ colonialism, isn’t going to free Palestine; it isn’t going to crush the vector. Only armed resistance and rebellion can achieve that aim.

It must be asked as well, what sort of armed resistance and rebellion can get the job done of finishing the Zio-Tumor? We know that there were many Lebanese Communist guerrillas who fought the usurping Zionist entity from 1978 onward. They gave martyrs. They inflicted casualties on the enemy. But victory remained out of their reach. We can look to the Egyptian revolutionary Gamal Abdel Nasser (R.A.), who played a key role in helping end French colonial rule in Algeria, an epic win certainly. But when it came to the struggle that defines this generation, i.e. combating ‘Israel’, his Arabism/Arab nationalism fell short. More harshly, it failed in an awful way.

Islamic Resistance however, armed, trained, financed and spiritually guided by the Islamic Revolution, starting with Imam Khomeini (R.A.) and now led by Imam Khamenei, has produced victory after victory in Lebanon. As well as Palestine. And Iraq. And Syria. And inspired triumph in Yemen too. Islam is the model of Mouqawamah needed to liquidate ‘Israel’, topple Jewish-controlled American hegemony and restore Palestinian sovereignty over the ancient land of Canaan and all its sanctities, both Muslim and Christian. As Sheikh Ragheb Harb (R.A.) said, “There is no better tomorrow without Islam.”

We have a job as Officers of the Soft War and that is to uphold this position intellectually, creatively and artistically. The stratagem that we must pursue should be to lead every able youth, male or female, Muslim or Christian, to the realization that normalization with ‘Israel’ is 1,000% unacceptable as it is a cancerous tumor with no future in our region; that the Dajjalic superstructure of Global Zionism will collapse in a firestorm of Resistance launched by the Moustazafeen, directed by the Islamic Revolution, on multiple fronts.

Our front is a peaceful one. Like staunch Anti-Zionists Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky of Nigeria and Sheikh Ali Salman of Bahrain, we need not lift a finger in violence to prove this point. Once more we refer to the Happy Martyr, Sheikh al-Shouhada (R.A.), “A position is a weapon and a hand shake is an acknowledgement.” Just by the virtue of adopting the stances of Sheikh Ragheb Harb (R.A.), Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) and Hajj Imad “Redwan” Mughniyeh (R.A.), we cease being mere humans and turn into missiles with planetary range. And when we are fired, we slay the hasbara of the Zio-Tumor and lay bigger, more formidable bricks for the Fortress of Muhammadi-Husseini Triumph that will be built on New Khaybar’s corpse. ‘Israeli’ invincibility is a myth. ‘Israeli’ viability is an even greater myth. Defeat of the Anti-Christ is inevitable. And emulating the Holy Hizbullahi Three in word and deed is what will make that inevitability emerge faster than you can say… “Death, death, DEATH to ‘Israel’!”

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