March 20th: The Day In 2003 and 2011 That Iraq and Libya Burned On Purim For ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

Today… Is one of those days where it’s just hard to fathom how evil the powers that be really are. All persons on Earth should be up in arms right now for Iraq and Libya. For it was on this day, 14 years ago and 6 years ago respectively, that NATO invaded each of the aforementioned nations and annihilated them. Not merely bombed. Not merely destabilized. Not merely occupied. But annihilated. Both the Iraqi and Libyan states were invaded on the Jewish revenge holiday of Purim. Both the Iraqi and Libyan states were obliterated to serve the strategic goals of the usurping Zionist tumor. I’m not going to write some in-depth analysis to expound upon that because I’ve been there and done it, via print, radio and music, and to be frank, just thinking about it infuriates me to the point of rage-tears.

If you don’t get that ‘Israel’ is the driving parasitic force behind Iraq and Libya being gutted like fish and the sole beneficiary of the chaos that ensued, then you either have your head buried in the sand or jammed up your ass. Possibly even a combination of both. So either get the hell with the program and bear witness to the 800-pound, six-pointed-star-encrusted, demon-horned, blood-drinking gorilla flailing around in your living room or get the hell lost. After 2.5 million Iraqis slaughtered by the neocon-infested Bush regime in a war for the Jews and well over 100,000 Libyans murdered by the neocon-stoked Obama regime in another war for the Jews, enough is beyond enough. Iraq is barely hanging on in the fight against Mossad-spawned Daesh. Libya’s a failed state. Syria and Yemen are burning and Sudan is partitioned because of what began on March 20th, 2003. All because of ‘Israel’ and its Western ZOGs. How many more Arab-Islamic nations need to be ripped to pieces and how many more innocents have to be mass-murdered before what’s behind the curtain becomes clear and things like “Oded Yinon” and “Clean Break” and “P2OG” are registered in the Anti-Imperialist lexicon?

No hope in the conclusion today, ladies and gentlemen. No message of defiance. No silver lining in the clouds because the silver lining was replaced with depleted uranium, white phosphorus, mark-77 and cluster bombs. I rage today, y’all. For Basra and Fallujah. For Sirte and Sabha. For Baghdad and Tripoli. For Abeer al-Janabi and the Hamoudi family. For my martyred teacher and friend Moustafa Abou Zahra. For all of Iraq and Libya’s fallen, wounded, affected, tortured, beaten, starved and broken. I rage. I scream. I burn. And you should too… If you have any humanity whatsoever, you damn well should too. #DeathToIsrael

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