Main Objective Of Al-Saud’s Yemen Invasion Is Regional Destruction For ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi gave another blistering speech over the weekend, commemorating one year since Al-Saud’s genocidal war on ‪#‎Yemen‬ began, and as usual, it fell right under the radar of both the mainstream media and alternative media (Resistance Axis press outlets excluded). There were many highlights, most especially his salute to Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and his declaration that the blood of Yemen’s martyrs has paved the way for the devastation of the Saudi enemy on all fronts, but this excerpt here was of the utmost importance and it is shameful that the ignorance of it has been so widespread: “Al-Saud and its mercenaries in Yemen are under the total control of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire. The main objective of the Saudi aggression is the destruction of the entire Arab-Islamic world so that the Zionist regime will turn into the unrivaled power of our region.”

Sayyed al-Houthi is breaking it down in no uncertain terms, namely that the GCC savagery in Yemen is all for ‘Israel’, and yet, there isn’t a single ‘BDS activist’ anywhere on the face of the whole damn globe who has opened up his/her mouth to echo this and come to the defense of the Yemeni Resistance led by Ansarullah. The barbaric, tyrannical House of Saud’s butchery of the Yemeni people is an extension of the Zionist project aimed at Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008-2009, 2012 and 2014; it is a scheme to eradicate every manifestation of anti-Zionist Mouqawamah from the Maghreb and Mashreq at all costs, no matter how many innocents are slaughtered.

The silence of these ‘BDS activists’–who are frontin’ like they actually wanna put an end to Zionism–on the matter of Yemen is as deafening as it is sickening. And regardless of whether it’s because of the ‪#‎Houthis‬’ principled stance against Jewish supremacy and these Sorosite-like operatives are afraid of upsetting Jews in their midst, or it’s because of the #Houthis’ categorical position of ‪#‎DEATHTOSAUD‬ and these Westoxified, colonized, House Muslim ‘radicals’ don’t want to upset any Khaleeji who may be pumping some petro-cash into their little fake ‘pro-Palestine’ group, at the end of day, it really doesn’t matter. Avoiding discussion on the oppression of Yemen, which, at this point, as both Sayyed al-Houthi and Sayyed Nasrallah have noted, is even worse and more horrible than what has been done to Falasteen’s besieged Strip in the last three wars, makes you as complicit in the bloodshed as the propagandists at the Zionist media. Period. ‪#‎WordToUmmi‬

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