Madd Cold – BLUE BACON

by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah)

Pig, bacon or pork, you can take your pick/Hood kids shake and they cough when you pace in whips/’Cause they know another Amadou Diallo could happen again at any second/They’re scared to become another Sean Bell, hell, they’re already prepping/Parents ain’t avid believers in justice ‘cause of Abner Louima, disgusted, they are steady stressing/7 years old, you murdered Ayana Jones with your heavy weapons/Tears drop where Timothy Stansbury’s resting/Beat Jordan Miles to within an inch of his life/Fouad Kaady was hardly alive when you shot him, but he wasn’t innocent, right?/This here’s to revolt, not to dance/So bust a motherfucking shot in the toxic air/For Oscar Grant/And rock this at the precinct so every dirty cop can hear/

Serve and protect, you lied, you faked it!
How many innocent lives have you wasted?!
How many innocent lives have you taken?!
I will not lie, I despise you racist pigs!
Uh, here it is!
Chant from the world’s oppressed that’ll have you shaking!
You’re not police, you are blue bacon!
You’re not police, you are blue bacon!

Salaam London, go ahead, organize, spit or just speak/This is for my UK fam that stands up to the British police/They are wily and slimy vultures/We damn them to hell for the brutal killing of Smiley Culture/Don’t lie and say that you didn’t start nothing/We know that you pigs murdered Mark Duggan/No justice for Harry Stanley, I mean the scheme’s ridiculous/Rich running the show and at the top you got the Rothschild clan and Queen Elizabeth/Same ones that fund imperialism and every bit of its indiscriminate slaughter/No justice for Sean Rigg or Christopher Alder/Treated subhuman if you’re Asian or Black or Irish/So fuck the Brit pork, let us repay them with massive riots/


Police repression is globalized by the tear gas of CSI yo, what they do is crazy/Founded in 1981 by Jacob Kravel and Michael Brunn, two Israelis/Putrid ADL brainwashing US cops to fight the hatred of Jews/In other words, any criticism of Zionism will have you locked up for anti-Semitism and facing your doom/Welcome to Israelification, it’s crude with all top police chiefs flown to Tel Aviv/Sold embellished dreams of the Holocaust fraud, it’s the same broken record with the grossest melody/Shin Bet and the Mossad yo, run the bacon in New York, LA and Chicago, their homicide is rampant/Pigs and their masters, we have to smash them, before they colonize the planet/


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