Love It! Iraqi Resistance Leader Abou Azrael Vows To Strangle Daesh In Fallujah!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Nobody strikes fear in the hearts of MossadDaesh like Ayyoub Faleh al-Rubaie aka Abou Azrael. The fierce, hulking commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization’s Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade is easily the most badass moujahid in all of Iraq and maybe our entire region. Just take a gander at the man! The badassery is electric! He’s single-handedly taken out hundreds of Takfiri terrorists, including high-ranking assets of the hegemonic powers, and prior to the fight against ISIS, he had been on the front lines battling the forces of the US-UK-Zionist invasion. In other words, Abou Azrael’s credentials of Mouqawamism are certified, solidified and bonafide. His latest statement, about Iraqi forces getting set to make entry into Fallujah, is a testament to this truth, his strength and his one-of-a-kind warrior vision. I can already sense the tears flowing from Al-Saud, the American ZOG and the ‘Israeli’ enemy, ‘cause Daesh is done. As Abou Azrael loves to say: “3ayna tafroun?! Illa ta7een! (Where are you going to run to?! Only to be crushed [into dust]!)”

“Tonight, we shall break through the barriers of Fallujah and bring her back into the bosom of the nation! Ya Fallujah, we shall make your status like that of Baiji and Tikrit and link you together! Ya Fallujah, true heroes will sort out the mess within you and restore peace to your head and your heart. With great fear of God and nothing else, we move with the blood of Imam Hussein (A.S.), but because we want to preserve civilians and families, we have held off entry until now. Yesterday we received many families and have informed other families of the imminent situation and atmosphere. Fallujah has become the center of operations and intrusions into Daesh’s stronghold begin tonight! We, the Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade, Iraqi special forces, the entire Popular Mobilization, men from the Ministry of Defense, men from the Ministry of Interior, all of us are present at Fallujah’s gates! Our unity is clear. We will not accept humiliation in the dirt; we will not accept transgressions against our lands and innocents being hurt while incubators and collaborators stand idly by. We won’t be affected by chemical weapons, bombs or anything else; our spirits won’t be affected. I swear in the name of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb, peace be upon him, that I am going to strangle you Daesh!”

abu azrael 2

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