Lizzie Phelan, Like Serena Shim and Arzu Yildiz, Is Bravely Exposing Erdogan’s Crimes In Syria

by Jonathan Azaziah

Lizzie Phelan is a brave, brazen, gutsy woman. The principled Irish RT correspondent, following in the footsteps of Serena Shim, the martyred Lebanese-American Press TV reporter who was assassinated by Turkish intelligence (most likely with assistance from Mossad), and Arzu Yildiz, the Turkish journalist who exposed MIT’s arming of Takfiri gangs and got locked up for her truth-telling, has recently spent some time on the Syrian-Turkish border in defiance of the Mad Takfiri Tyrant Erdogan and released a series of dispatches chronicling how terrorists from Daesh and the FSA are carted into Kilis as well as Gaziantep to receive treatment from Turkish doctors. Some of the Wahhabi head-choppers entered the hospitals still strapped with their suicide vests and the moment they were nursed back to health, back over the border they went to continue Zio-Imperialism’s destructive conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic. All of this was (and is) done with absolute approval from the Neo-Ottoman regime in Ankara, adding yet another element to the full-scale support that “Sultan” Erdogan has provided the Takfiri maniacs destabilizing Syria from day one.

Simply put, the reporting, no different than aforementioned heroines Shim and Yildiz, has been utterly top-notch and the danger of it all–because of Psychopath Recep’s demented crackdown on the press–isn’t lost on Ms. Phelan, who declared rather matter-of-factly, “If we get stopped by police, they might not be impressed by the story we’re working on and maybe will give us a bit of a hard time. After broadcasting this report, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to enter the country safely again.” Considering that Lizzie was also the very first Western journo fearless enough to tell the truth about NATO’s destruction of the Libyan Arab Jamahariya and among the handful of people who went to Damascus in rejection of so much vitriolic mainstream opposition to counter the US-‘Israeli’ Empire’s propaganda, she most certainly knows what she’s talking about. This Turkish regime, like the usurping Zionist entity–which actually told the world it will use Turkey to “rollback” Syria 20 years ago in the ‘Clean Break’ document–is the reason Bilad al-Sham still bleeds, and thus, must be exposed at every turn regardless of the backlash. Rest in power to Serena Shim, solidarity with Arzu Yildiz, and Striking Star Salute to Lizzie Phelan, may the wonderful work of these three dauntless sisters and the efforts of every pro-Syria. pro-Palestine Turkish dissident fighting for a future without “Muslim” Brotherhood Neo-Ottomanism continue to make Erdogan die, die, DIE of rage.

2 thoughts on “Lizzie Phelan, Like Serena Shim and Arzu Yildiz, Is Bravely Exposing Erdogan’s Crimes In Syria”

  1. Lizzie’s reporting from Libya in 2011 was the epitome of bravery and integrity. Observing from afar, it showed me how much difference an honest witness to the truth can make.

    Great to see this article celebrating her work. The courage of journalists such as Serena Shim and Lizzie Phelan is in stark contrast to the cowardice of MSM operatives.

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