Linda Sarsour: Zionist Shill Masquerading As Friend Of Syria, Yemen and Palestine

by Jonathan Azaziah

Linda Sarsour is a White House Muslim, a White House Arab, an insult to the Palestinian cause she claims to represent and a vile, lying, Zionist shill. The way this person fawns over Zio-Imperialist First Lady Michelle Obama and her genocidal husband Barack, the slaughterer of Yemenis, Libyans, Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Pakistanis, Somalis, Afghans and yes, PALESTINIANS, is downright vomit-inducing. Perhaps this is the reason that every word she utters or writes about Syria is identical to talking points she was ordered to spew from a US State Department memo. In fact, considering how vehemently and vociferously this foul, two-faced hypocrite grants political cover to the Takfiri terrorists and implicitly insists on “regime change” in the Syrian Arab Republic, I’m surprised she hasn’t asked for a job in the Washington ZOG.

No liar Linda Sarsour, Palestinians who are on board with the Zionist-NATO-GCC “Syrian revolution” are NOT the majority. Palestinian opinion is diverse on the issue and it is people like you who cover up the rather vast, tremendously significant amount of pro-Assad Palestinians to further your own treacherous agenda.

No stooge Linda Sarsour, Bashar al-Assad is not “killing his own people”. Well over half of the casualties in the aggression against Syria are from the Syrian Arab Army and the NDF, the defenders of the country, murdered by the rebels whom fools like you support. This fact has been documented by the Qatari-funded “Syrian” Observatory for “Human Rights” of all places and these truthful numbers don’t even count the rebels neutralized by Resistance forces and Syrian civilians killed by the Takfiris. To repeat that most-overused line against the Syrian President, that he is “killing his own people”, isn’t designed to make an accurate point about the horrors the Syrian people, who elected Dr. Bashar al-Assad overwhelmingly to be their leader–and the numbers would’ve been even higher if Syrians in rebel-occupied areas were allowed to vote–are facing, but to keep this most egregious, most fallacious propagandistic line alive and well.

What “massacres in the past” is misleader Linda Sarsour referring to when she speaks of Hafez al-Assad? Hama?! What took place in Hama in 1982 wasn’t a “massacre” as Westoxified “Arabs” and “Muslims” like to portray it as but the culmination of six years of 4th Generation Warfare launched against the Syrian government by the “Muslim” Brotherhood, which at the time was backed by the US, ‘Israel’, Jordan and the tyrant Saddam Hussein. Six years of car bombings; six years of beheadings; six years of sheer barbarity that the Syrian Arab Army finally put down. Events in Syria today can actually be seen as an extension of the 1976-1982 scheme.

No deceiver Linda Sarsour, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not unleash chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta. There isn’t a lick of evidence to back this up, so for you to repetitiously vomit this US-Zionist-NATO-GCC hasbara, clearly displays your interest is not the well-being of Syria or the truth but “regime change”, as that was the purpose the usurping Jewish entity, Turkey and Al-Saud launched the false flag to begin with. And for the record, there is a MOUNTAIN of evidence to back up the latter point of view.

Of course the Syrian government and its allies “admit there are terrorists in Aleppo” and thus refuse to include it in the ceasefire fabricator Linda Sarsour! There WAS a damn ceasefire in Halab and then the “moderate, democratic, secular, feminist, Bacardi-drinking, hipster, party-loving” rebel thugs of Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra shattered it when they invaded the strategic southern Aleppo countryside village of Tal al-‘Eiss. The Takfiris continue to violate the cessation of hostilities with their ongoing slaughter of innocents in Aleppo City. But you front like the Syrian government is the guilty party?! Please!

Prevaricator Linda Sarsour says Bashar al-Assad isn’t protecting his own country and his own people but that’s EXACTLY what he’s doing! If the Syrian President didn’t order the Syrian Arab Army to move in to crush the Takfiri rebellion from day one and call for assistance from his allies in Iraq, Iran, Russia and most especially Hizbullah as the aggression against Syria progressed, it wouldn’t have just been Syria to fall but the entire region.

Which brings us to our nail-in-the-coffin. The “human rights” phony Linda Sarsour says “regardless of the stories and conspiracies”, the destruction of Syria is the fault of the democratically elected government in Damascus. REGARDLESS OF CONSPIRACIES, she says. Yes, because the tens of thousands of battle-hardened, fanatical Takfiri terrorists who have been coming into Syria from the darkest, dankest corners of the globe since March 15th, 2011 with the full, limitless support of ‘Israel’, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US, Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, the UAE and Bahrain have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the harm inflicted on Syria and the torment Syrians have endured for the last 5 years. It’s all a figment of our imagination, right? It’s all in our heads, right? The CIA weapons supply lines, Mossad using rebel intel to assassinate Syrian scientists, Hizbullah commanders and IRGC generals, the ISIS-Nusra oil trade of which ‘Israel’ is the primary beneficiary, the bombings of mosques and churches by hateful Wahhabi lunatics, the blatant attempt to destroy the Resistance Axis, all should just be ignored, correct? Get the hell outta here! There never was a “peaceful revolution” you duplicitious simpleton, and with all the proofs today of foreign (read: NATO and Khaleeji), and most importantly, ‘Israeli’ involvement , including right from the emails of devilish warmonger Hillary Clinton, you have no excuse.

If you think that perjurer Sarsour’s position on Syria is bad, her garbage on Yemen is even worse. This enormously disgraceful excuse for an “activist” actually had the audacity to say the following: “I support the people of Yemen who are the ones suffering. I don’t care for SA or Houthis or Saleh.” WHAT MASSIVE BALDERDASH! The Houthis ARE the Yemeni people! It is Ansarullah, its moujahideen, its leadership, the citizenry (which includes most of Yemen) under its protection, its families, its children, its wives, its grandparents and its allies who are the FIRST victims of Al-Saud’s terrible, terrible onslaught. And it is Ansarullah which is DEFENDING Yemen from the Saudi-led, US-UK-GCC-backed, Zionist-designed aggression. How does a so-called “human rights” campaigner equate the Resistance with the invaders? Would she do the same with Palestine? Would she do the same with Iraq? Hell no! Then why Yemen?! Is it because Ansarullah is openly anti-Jewish-supremacist and she doesn’t want to offend the liberal Jews she spends her days attempting to appease? Or is it because Ansarullah is Shi’a and using the Saudi-propagated sectarian line, she’s implying that the resistant, liberationist Houthis aren’t of the Arab Yemeni people but Persians who are actually agents of Iran? Or is it both?

Moreover, it is beyond hypocritical, and to be completely fair, beyond repulsive on about a quadrillion different levels that Sarsour runs her mouth about bad and sad she feels about Yemen’s children while she waxes lyrical about the Obamas (who supply Al-Saud with the bombs) and happily campaigns for the Zionist Jew Bernie Sanders (who supports the aggression). Just like taking sides during one of the cancerous Judaic dragon’s massacres in Lebanon or Falasteen is akin to backing the enemy, the same applies to Yemen. Neutrality means rejection of the Yemeni Resistance led by Ansarullah and support for Zionist Al-Saud. No different than her putrid stance on Syria, Sarsour has made her choice and it ain’t one that “supports the Yemeni people”, but instead grants credence to those Zionist-aligned Wahhabi despots oppressing them.

Many will say that quisling Sarsour isn’t important but I disagree. It is ultra-vital to expose her and those with the exact same Zionized views because they anoint themselves as spokespersons for issues they have no business talking about. Although her and her ilk arrogantly like to think so, the veracity of the matter is, they DO NOT speak for most Arabs and Muslims. And besides, no matter what kinda pseudo-revolutionary rhetoric she platitudinously may throw around to the contrary, anyone referred to as a “champion of change” by the Yemeni-killing Obama regime, anyone glowingly profiled by the Zionist-owned, Iraqi-killing New York Times, and anyone palling around with Bernie Sanders, the kibbutznik and drone enthusiast who backs Al-Saud’s slaughter in Yemen and hysterically supported the ‘Israeli’ entity’s 2014 Operation Mighty Cliff massacre in Gaza, is no friend of the Syrian people, the Yemeni people or the Palestinian cause. She may have a great many fooled and mesmerized, but this Iraqi iconoclast damn sure ain’t among them and REGARDLESS of her following, the truth must be spoken when persons with influence are engaging in legerdemain. To Jahannam with this fraud Linda Sarsour and any other anti-Syria, anti-Resistance, sectarian dimwit masquerading as an “activist” of the now-toothless “Palestine Solidarity Movement”. To Jahannam, back, and to Jahannam again with all of ‘em.

9 thoughts on “Linda Sarsour: Zionist Shill Masquerading As Friend Of Syria, Yemen and Palestine”

  1. Hmmm

    Actually US attempts to overthrow not just the Syrian government, but a multitude of Middle East Governments that Israel has deemed to be standing in their way and replacing them with puppet governments favorable to Israel goes all the way back to the Eisenhower administration in the late 1950’s. You see that treasonous slimebag has the newly formed CIA running around the Middle East doing more or less the same thing that the US has had “Al Qeada” for decades and “ISIS” has been doing for the last decade. Namely, attempting to undermine, topple and replace Middle Eastern Government’s Israel deems unfavorable and replace them with puppet regimes. Eventually Israel got impatient and the US military was ordered/tricked into forcing the issue. 15 years later and Presto! Every country, with the glaring exception of Syria, has been neutralized by having its infrastructure, both military and civilian destroyed and puppet regimes controllable by Israel installed. Iran was not part of the original plan in my opinion. I believe that Israel simply got greedy. The completely illegal and totally unjustified US invasions were so wildy successful I think Israel’s leadership figured what the hell. This was of course before the US and Israel got bogged down in Syria. Putin of course then stopped them cold.

    I do not believe any Middle Eastern Muslim, let alone a Palestinian of any faith would support what has transpired since 9-11 in the region. In particular, the ongoing war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide being committed by Israel as repeatedly documented by a wide variety of international organizations would be impossible to overlook let alone condone. This women is clearly an Israeli agent.

  2. Excellent article. This girl was just mentioned in a Black Pigeon video, implying she is a Muslim extremists, but also saying she is backed by Soros. So she is just a Zionist controlled opposition puppet.

    Some of todays conservatives think everything is a “Muslim conspiracy”, that Obama was a Muslim, etc, and they get lost in this. It is a distraction from who really calls the shots (and has been for decades) which are Zionist Jews in America. True other factions exist besides Jews, but they are all tied together being children of the devil one way or another. Later on we may see more involvement from the Catholic Church in the US, again just another Satanic puppet institution. But for now

    In the book of Revelations we see the beast as a hydra. Always be on the look out for the other head of the beast.

  3. Yep I have always had the smell of crypto jew in my nostrils from the moment I saw here and she opened her mouth. To the frustration of others. A very dangerous agent who I suspect is already working for zog. With a nose and a mouth like hers was it ever going to be any other way?

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