Like The Mountains Its Struggle Was Forged In, Ansarullah Is Awe-Inspiring

by Jonathan Azaziah

One of Ansarullah’s moujahideen stands atop a Yemeni mountain peak and gazes down upon a beaten, humiliated contingent of US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed GCC forces after a recent battlefield victory. This really does encapsulate the entire conflict between the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and the Dönmeh Saudi invaders, doesn’t it? Ansarullah represents the highest of the highs while Al-Saud represents the lowest of the lows, hence why the former is victorious and the latter is as debauched, debased, depraved, demented and degenerate as it is. Truly, the Houthis, never fail to make us smile with a brightness that could light up galaxies full of black dwarf stars; truly, the Houthis, like the mountains their struggle and very beings were forged in, are awe-inspiring. #LongLiveAnsarullah #DeathToSaud #LongLiveYemen

Houthis Mountaintop

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