Khantemplation Entry 2: Fiery Spiritual Giant Malcolm X’s Guidance on Autonomous Economics

by Khanverse (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

Khantemplation Entry 2

Most ‘activists’ still haven’t learned these lessons. You keep fighting for some type of unequal restitution for past and even current wrongs without looking at the root structure. Protesting for jobs, housing, rights, etc. is all a magnificently cathartic waste of time and energy. You have real valid anger but then you couch it in some silly mindless phrase you repeat over and over again, essentially begging the real or imagined oppressor to fix the problems.

For Muslims this is particularly distasteful since this undoubtedly constitutes shirk which is why the Khalifa of the Universe repeatedly discourages protests, rioting, etc.

God gave us all brains and amazing talents. Use them to reestablish your personal sovereignty. In this age, with the democratized access to the internet “YouTube sensations” who aren’t anyone special in the least have gained huge followings and have residual income streams over 5 figures a month. There’s a variety of other examples. Whining, complaining, begging, protesting and an overall negative attitude ensures that when someone teaches you to fish you’re still going ask him for a fish instead of going and getting it yourself.

Calling yourself a god, bad bish, or giving yourself undue credit as a reaction to the oppression is stale, unbecoming and demonstrably incorrect. Every human is responsible for their own survival. Charity is beautiful if it catalyzes self-sustainablity, otherwise it hurts everyone involved. The beggar gets momentary happiness and reinforces his or her helplessness. Long-term, lack of gratitude, or lack of tangible positive effect can make the giver a miser.

Besides, when has an oppressive force of any quality ever willfully given from their power to the powerless? Indeed, as my dear brother and colleague Jonathan Azaziah viciously raps on “Heartbeat of Humanity,” the introduction to “Enemy of the Entity”, our first release here at Mouqawamah Music, “A solution that has to be approved by the oppressor first isn’t a solution at all”. The mere fact that ‘welfare’ and ‘affirmative action’ or a whole host of weak band-aids on ruptured arteries even exist just goes to show how deep the farcical liberal mentality runs. ‘Demanding’ as a powerless creature, more and more “fixing”, as the problem grows deeper and deeper. How ridiculous is that?

No ONE is responsible for it. It’s systemic, this usurious inflationary environment. Even the nebulous boogeymen you fool yourselves with, whether its ‘corporations’ or ‘white supremacy’, don’t have a real tangible nexus. You can fix it on a small scale and educate those around you to do the same and then, with the power of an educated, spiritually awakened mass, you can collectively take unified ACTION in a powerful manner and create the reality you wish to see.

But yeah, repeating “No Justice, No Peace, make Israel stop being mean in the Middle East” is definitely much easier. That’s why you have those same hateful pigs protecting you and maintaining the peace in your rallies. As long as you’re doing that, and not becoming a more refined creature every day, you’re not even a gnat on their radar.

RIP to the magnificent brother Al Hajj Malik El Shabazz, Malcolm X. Let’s remember now, he had pristine morality with his militancy that’s missing today. Most of our pussyfied modern faux self-styled ‘revolutionaries’ forget their fight when a trick throws a rotten box at them. They threw the coochie at Malcolm too but he showed them the door.

Muslims, get on that real Islam, the active one that requires you to put in work and progress and you’ll be on the path.

Peace & Blessings.

~ The End ~

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