Khantemplation Entry 1: Muslims, Marxists and Jewish Subversion

by Khanverse (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

Khantemplation Entry 1

Muslims who describe themselves as “Marxist” on some high and mighty identity politics should be aggressively opposed on the intellectual plane. Marx came from a long long line of Talmudic rabbis. The real Godfather and author of communism was Moses Hess, an ordained Talmudic rabbi. These subversives like so many other Jews of the same period were not trying to liberate any Gentiles from anything. In fact their very model of society has left behind a very ignoble legacy that can be examined and scrutinized in the Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Union.

This morbidly atheist state murdered over 50 million of its “own” people, primarily orthodox Christians, outside of the World Wars. Lenin, Trotsky, Genrikh Yagoda, Lazar Kaganovich, etc. were all responsible for millions of deaths of the common plebs by themselves.

This hasbara is especially thick in academic circles. Our post-secondary schools lay great emphasis on ‘academic’ debate which does not even follow its own rules purportedly to establish high standards of accuracy. Brainwashed career students in this arena which serve as our Western societies’ intelligentsia are exceedingly arrogant, borderline mind-controlled and usually utterly incapable of critical thought precisely because they believe they were taught with the highest standards of honesty and pure intellectual curiosity based on the ‘scientific method’.

This is why they are the most aggressive defenders of public mythology like Israeli-Jewish orchestrated 9/11, medicine/health/nutrition, the HollowCo$t, even astronomy and particle physics. Everything serves to support and indoctrinate with tacit, and thus unrecognized, corrosive atheism and any “Muslim” describing him or her self thus should detoxify and study or I-slam their heads into a brick wall until this subversive Jewish poison is emptied from their adorably fragile brains.

You claim the Qu’ran which is the pure, immutable, highly potent Word of God and you plaster yourself with destructive Jewish paradigms to describe the world around you? You have the most noble, beautiful, pious example of the Master Prophet (saw) and you hang on to the words of perverted atheist Jews like Marx, Freud, Reich, Fromm, the degenerate homosexual Magnus Hirschfeld, Ginsberg and the Frankfurt School triplets of toxicity Marcuse, Horkheimer and Adorno?

Slap yourselves. For real. ‘Cause the Lord Himself (SWT) knows there is way too many of you morons with diplomas from “prestigious” schools to comfortably reinforce your baseless arrogance and the poisonous Jewish-contrived labyrinth that you cherish and bloviate from so relentlessly. You’re lucky I’m an emcee or I would have written a book on yo’ dumbasses. Not even playin’.

And the exact same goes for “Muslim” “Feminists” with your corny adoption of the ideas of decadent Talmudic ‘radicals’ like Bader-Ginsberg, Abzug, Friedan, Goldman, Gloria Steinem and the extremely vile, Gertrude Stein.

Either become a lesbian and complete the process or at the very least, don’t reproduce ’cause T.H.E.Y. (as in The Hierarchy Enslaving You, The Hebraics Emasculating You or Treacherous, Heinous, Evil Yahoud) would prefer it like that anyway and frankly, my kids won’t have to “terrorize” yours. In the end though, s’all good, as Carnivorous Islam will dismantle your pathetic Vegan Talmudism.

Peace & Blessings to the Wise and Pious who live their lives with Divinely Designed Guidance.

(Relevant corrections and additions provided by Mouqawamah Music Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Azaziah)

~ The End ~

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