Kashmir: 13-Year Old Ifrah Jan Was Shot In The Face By ‘Israeli’-Trained, ‘Israeli’-Armed Indian Forces

by Jonathan Azaziah

This 13-year old girl is Ifrah Jan. No, she isn’t Yemeni or Syrian. She is Kashmiri. And for no reason other than the fact she protested against the criminal occupation of her land, she was shot in the face with lead-based pellets by the brutal Indian army. Since July when First-Intifada-style protests returned to the Vale in daily form, there have been more than 12,000, not tens or hundreds, but more than 12,000 Kashmiris, mainly youths under 18–young men and women, with the youngest being a 1-year old baby–wounded by the Hindutvadi occupiers. Of those 12,000 some odd civilians, at least 1,631 of them have been blasted at point-blank range with these weapons. And OF THOSE, over 1,100 Kashmiris have some kind of devastating damage to their eyes.

If you’re wondering where else in the world you’ve heard about an occupying military shooting civilians, specifically children, in the face to deliberately cause blindness and Palestine crossed your mind, then you’re on-point. Only in occupied, colonized and usurped Falasteen, Palestinian shabab in the West Bank, Al-Quds and sometimes the ’48 Lands aren’t just shot with pellets, but rubber bullets, “sponge”-tipped bullets, tear gas canisters and toxic stink-water also. These mirror images of occupation tactics aren’t coincidental. The Indian security apparatuses have been receiving training from the cancerous Zionist entity for decades and it has only intensified since Mossad knocked down the Twin Towers on 9/11. It heightened even further when Mossad and its Indian counterpart, RAW, staged the false flag attack on 26/11. New Delhi is also buying billions of dollars in weaponry from “Tel Aviv”, particularly of the “crowd control” variety. Basically, the Indian military, like the military of the American ZOG, is thoroughly Judaized, Zionized and Israelified. And Kashmiris, no different than their Palestinian brothers and sisters, are bearing the brunt of this devilish Zionist-Hindutvadi alliance.

So as poor Ifrah Jan sits in Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital–away from the cameras of the Western press and the controlled Indian mainstream media as well–praying that she will not lose her eyesight as a great many of her brethren have over the last 5 months, know that she is not only a victim of Modi The Murderer’s thugs, but ‘Israel’ too. And also know that the crimes against this little girl are precisely why Kashmiris are out on the streets of the Vale calling for freedom from Indian occupation. Let the Indian “leftists” who blame Kashmiri demos on a “Pakistani-Saudi conspiracy” to “incite” the people of the Valley choke on their lies. India and its noxious Jewish supremacist ally do plenty of damn “inciting” on their damn own with every horrific damn crime that they commit. Justice for Ifrah! And Azadi for the Kashmiri people… Azadi from the barbarity, Azadi from the torture, Azadi from the occupation, Azadi from the Hindutva and yes, Azadi from the Zionism too.

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