Jummah Mubarak Yemen! Ansarullah Hits Jeddah Airport With Burqan-1 Ballistic Missile!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak to gorgeous, resistant Yemen! Just a few moments after midnight today, Ansarullah fired a Burqan-1 ballistic missile–a SCUD that was modified and strengthened by the brilliant engineers of the Houthis’ Missile Unit–at the murderous Saudi regime’s “King” Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah, scoring a direct hit and causing massive damage. This is reminiscent of the Palestinian Resistance’s spectacular assault on “Ben-Gurion” Airport in occupied Lydd during Operation Mighty Cliff (aka Protective Edge), which shut down the travels of usurping Jewish supremacist settlers and caused billions of dollars in damage to the ‘Israeli’ economy.

It must be noted that King Abdul Aziz Airport is NOT a mere civilian facility as it is being described throughout treacherous GCC media, but an essential military arena where many of the sorties flown by the Kingdom of Darkness and Terrorism’s aerial forces against Yemen are originally launched from. And as a matter of full elucidation, this counterattack from the Yemeni Islamic Mouqawamah was not unleashed out of the blue but in response to some 59 air raids launched by Al-Saud yesterday in every last one of Yemen’s 21 provinces. Immediately following the heroic operation, putrid Saudi “activists”–many of whom are likely hasbara trolls of IOF’s Unit 8200, the Saudi General Intelligence Directorate or both–began a deception-filled campaign on social media called “Houthis Strike Mecca”, alleging that Ansarullah didn’t hit Jeddah but Islam’s holiest city and attempting to validate one of Riyadh’s longest-standing propaganda items against our Yemeni heroes, i.e. that they’re looking to takeover the Kaaba. Of course the Houthiyeen did not hit Mecca and of course they dismissed the accusations as baseless, malicious and a desperate attempt to cover up the achievements of Yemen’s Mighty Moujahideen.

For the record however, since Dönmeh Al-Saud opened the can of worms, let’s get the facts completely straightened out here. It is not Ansarullah gentrifying and Westernizing Mecca. That’s the Saudi “royal” family. It is not Ansarullah destroying the Islamic history of Al-Hijaz, from bulldozing the holy Baqi cemetery to the demolition of Lady Khadijah’s (A.S.) home and subsequent conversion of it into a toilet along with so many other acts of aggression. That’s the Saudi “royal” family. It is not Ansarullah raking in tens of billions of dollars from the Hajj pilgrimage annually and then using that money to oppress its own citizens, protect the Zionist enemy and wage war on innocents either directly or by proxy in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Pakistan and elsewhere. That’s the Saudi “royal” family.

And it is not the righteous Yemeni Islamic Resistance of Ansarullah–which fights according to the justice of Shari’a and upholds the example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) in every way–funding, arming and fueling terrorism across the globe, tarnishing the noble name of Islam and spreading fitnah wherever it sticks its petrodollar-dollar-stained hands. That too is all the corroded, corrupt, conniving Saudi “royal” family. It is Al-Saud which has struck Mecca as well as the entirety of the Arab-Islamic world. The Houthis are merely striking back. And every missile that they fire at the Saudi monstrosities, every GCC occupier that they put in a grave, every warship, warplane and drone that they down, every tank that they obliterate and every piece of land that they liberate, is not only a victory for Yemen but every human across the globe who has suffered at the hands of these wicked, hateful, noxious, tyrannical Wahhabi maggots. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million times more ’till it’s understood: Ansarullah–the jewel of jewels in the struggle against the US-‘Israeli’ Empire–is fighting and DEFEATING Saudi Arabia on the behalf of all of humanity. #LongLiveYemen #LongLiveAnsarullah #LiberateTheHijaz #DeathToSaud

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