Joke Of The Year: ‘Israel’, Humiliated and Defeated By Syria’s Kornet, Is Now The “Global Leader” In Anti-Tank Warfare

by Jonathan Azaziah

We’re only three days into 2019 and we already have our joke of the year: The usurping Zionist entity has become a “world leader” in combating anti-tank weapons and providing the most sophisticated defense systems against them. That’s right. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. In a piece put out yesterday by the Wall Street Journal – a neocon rag owned by the Zionist Jew Rupert Murdoch that has been pumping out anti-Mouqawamah hasbara for decades – entitled “Powerful Antitank Missiles Put U.S. Forces in Middle East at Risk”, the author, a Zionist Jew named Ben Kesling, ironically writes that the very arms put into the hands of Takfiri terrorists by the American ZOG could now be used against the American’s ZOG’s occupation forces. This of course is poppycock. ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other like-similar gangs are controlled at the highest levels by Western spooks, especially the CIA and Mossad. Ain’t no Muhammad-Ibn-Abdul-Wahhab(L.A.)-quoting, church-burning, grave-digging whackjob gonna fire a single bullet, let alone a TOW missile at his masters unless they’re given false flag orders by Jimbo in Langley and Shlomo in “Herzliya”. And the elephant in the room of course is… If American occupiers don’t want to be shot at – by their proxies or anyone else – then perhaps they should depart from the lands they’re illegally occupying, hmmm?

Our esteemed “chosenoid” pensmith also managed to somehow drag Russia and Iran into the mix, blaming them for the dissemination of these armaments despite the fact their presence in Syria is legal, and going on to equate the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah, also in Syria at the request of the Syrian government, with Takfiri groups. Atypical of all Zionist propaganda post-“Arab Spring” and not even remotely close to worthy of being gutted and debunked as we’ve done it time and time again going on 8 years now. What is of supreme interest to us however is towards the end of the piece, the Ashkenazi stringer informs us that it is none other than ‘Israel’ that has the remedy for this pesky little problem, “having faced missile proliferation threats for more than a decade.” He goes on to “reveal” that the usurping cancer has “leapt ahead with the technology” since 2009 and the Pentagon now “relies primarily” on the ‘Israeli’-designed thingamajigs. The Zio-writer even mentions two ‘Israeli’ companies which have “taken the lead in developing and fielding what is known as active protection or active armor, which isn’t really armor at all. It is a high-tech system that uses sensors to detect an incoming missile and shoot back at it, destroying the threat midflight.” Curiously though, he fails to disclose just who these firms are.

Thankfully, that’s something just a bit of digging can fix. The names of these mysteriously and allegedly effective-beyond-effective systems are Trophy and Iron Fist. They’ve been manufactured, tweaked and upgraded by the ‘Israeli’ corporate weapons trifecta of Rafael, ‘Israeli’ Military Industries and ‘Israel’ Aerospace Industries–all three of which have been long-linked to atrocities against Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian and Iraqi civilians, as well as multiple peoples across Africa. It could be that the Hebraic hasbaranik left out these details because DETAILS weren’t the point of the piece but rather psychological warfare, i.e. asserting the fallacy of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s dominance in this new field as well as its combat readiness in the face of those seeking to liberate Palestine. Or, the more likely reason, is that even Sahyu-Kesling himself knows it’s a scam bleeding from a thousand cuts because ‘Israel’ has about as much success with fending off anti-tank weapons, as crack fiends have with fending off their addiction with a pipe and a rock in their hands. But he still decided to “do it for the tribe” and throw up a shoutout for his coreligionists so they can make a few shekels off the latest swindle before the Americans–and whoever else they sell Trophy and Iron Fist to–realize they bought a bunch of garbage.

Why so categorical and harsh?! Allow us to enlighten! In the July 2006 War, the artificial Zionist endeavor’s Merkava, then rated by the overwhelming majority of military publications, polls and experts as the finest and most advanced tank in the world was shredded into fragments by a lone Hizbullah moujahid, Commander Ali “Bilal” Saleh (R.A.), in the battle for Wadi al-Hujeir. Utilizing Syria’s reverse-engineered Kornet, the One Man Army, Miracle-Maker and Prince of the Ghosts obliterated Merkava after Merkava single-handedly in the fight that would turn the tide and ultimately win the conflict for the Mouqawamah. The myth of the Merkava’s invincibility had been obliterated.

Fast forward to Operation Mighty Cliff in 2014, a bloodbath in which ‘Israel’ slaughtered more than 2,200 Palestinians, including over 500 children, and yet again we saw the Zionists putting their tanks into the fray, only this time they were equipped with the Trophy/Iron Fist combo. It didn’t matter. While not reported in official ‘Israeli’ media or the Zionist-controlled corporate press, it was the Syrian Kornet–delivered by a smuggling unit comprised of Syrian soldiers, Hizbullahi moujahideen and IRGC commanders–that the Palestinian Resistance used to destroy no less than half a dozen Merkavas in the fiercest close combat of the war: Shuja’iyya. A heavily armored D-9 bulldozer, loaded up with a modified Trophy system, was also wrecked. It should be noted that IOF, filled with apprehension, compared the warriors of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to Hizbullah as the fight raged.

Case in point: With the Trophy or without it, with the Iron Fist or without it, in any arena against the guerrillas of committed, martyrdom-loving, battle-tested, strategic Islamic Resistance movements, ‘Israeli’ tanks (and the parasitic colonizing soldiers piloting them) get washed out like dirty dishes. That an entity with such a track record of failure, and a battlefield performance that just does not hold up under any form of actual, physical, real-time pressure in combat, is going to lead the “wave of the future” in anti-tank warfare is indeed a sick and almost delicious joke. An even more delicious joke is that ‘Israel’ thinks all of its high technology and promotion of its “advancements” in bags of puke like Chabadnik Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal will save it in the next war.

Sayyed Nasrallah has said hundreds of thousands of moujahideen from across the Islamicate will be side by side with Hizbullah when that inevitable day comes, including those from Yemen’s Ansarullah, who have also had major success in anti-tank warfare, turning their homeland into a graveyard for American Abrams and French LeClercs despite a full-on US-UK-Saudi-Emirati siege on the entire country. Imagine what Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s men will be able to accomplish with full access to a Resistance Axis arsenal. So we kick off 2019 with a laugh at Zion’s propaganda. Then we laugh again and we look at our clocks, smiling wide and smiling warm. Tick tock, ‘Israel’. Tick tock goes the clock on your miserable, satanic, fraudulent, rotting existence. And when the big hand and the little hand hit 12, a stream of Kornets and more are going to send your Merkavas, your Trophies, your Iron Fists and all your Halakhic-Talmudic dreams to their rightful and profoundly just demise.

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