‘Israeli’ Culture Vulture, Banker And Devil Lyor Cohen Should Be Expelled From Hip-Hop

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

The music industry is overrun with Jew devils but the King Jew devil of them all has to be Lyor Cohen. The tall ‘Israeli’ who’s “running this rap shit” as Mos Def famously called him, Lyor the Liar spent time on an avocado farm stolen from Palestinians outside of “Tel Aviv” and his father is a Mossad agent who worked in New York’s ‘Israeli’ consulate. After graduating college, he went to go work for the global-intrigue-riddled, ‘Israeli’-intelligence-connected Bank Leumi. He has about as much of a rightful place in Hip-Hop as “gay rights” activists and blue bacon (cops/pigs). For years, he’s mouthed off about his power and influence as well as the fear he instills in artists and execs alike. So his open Jewish supremacism is nothing new. But his latest diatribe on the Breakfast Club was a real piece of work. He admitted that he signs drug addict rappers pushing music designed to turn young, impressionable listeners into drug addicts themselves because he’s “opportunistic” and also due to him having “people to feed”. And by “people” of course, he means his globe-holding, Entity-protecting, Gentile-hating “tribe”. In other words, it’s okay to destroy entire (Goy) generations with this poison being passed off for “music” and “art” because fuck it, a Jew’s gotta eat, right? Despicable.

The real gem though was when he went off on a tangent about legendary MC Professor Griff being kicked out of Public Enemy over his comments about the Yahoud being “responsible for the majority of wickedness that goes on across the globe.” Accurate, really, but that’s another story for another time. Lyor the Leech explained that all the Jewish CEOs in the industry — his description, not mine — were calling him to hoot, holler, kvetch and convince him to drop Public Enemy entirely. Instead, Cohen the Cadger kicked out Professor Griff — destroying his mainstream career and taking a terrible toll on his personal life — and brought Public Enemy frontman Chuck D to the Holofraud Museum of the ultra-Zionist Simon Wiesenthal (or more appropriately, Weaselthal) Center to bring the Black nationalist icon to heel. Chuck D was then lectured to nauseation about “anti-Semitism” by Rabbi Abraham Cooper, one of the vilest Small Hats around. Mistachuck didn’t give much of a damn but much to his discredit, he didn’t push back on Griff remaining in the band. And he never should’ve walked around the hall of lies — let’s be clear, all “Holocaust” museums are built on a foundation of Halakhic-Talmudic propaganda — and let Cohen humiliate him with such a gesture to begin with.

Hip-Hop is Black and strongly influenced by Islam. Always was. Always will be. It’s also Brown, Yellow, Red and if their intentions and struggles are genuine, it can even be White too. Hip-Hop is for the oppressed and the downtrodden. The marginalized and the voiceless seeking a voice. Now just imagine a tick like Cohen, who proudly proclaims his ‘Israeli’ terrorist-ness, telling Black musicians that for their career to move forward, they have to worship at the altar of the “6 Million Jewish Victims” of the Holocrock. Seriously. Imagine being that much of a demon that you think the EXTREMELY-exaggerated suffering of your parasitic “people” transcends that of the worst genocide in modern history–the Transatlantic Slave Trade which saw hundreds of millions of Africans perishing over a period of multiple centuries–and that Black people must acknowledge the Jew and what the Jew allegedly experienced before they get just a pittance. Well. As I’m writing this, if we’re being 100% honest, he actually WOULD think that, wouldn’t he? Because Jews dominated the enslavement of Blacks and anti-Blackness is inherent to Judaism, from the Curse of Ham to the writings of top Judaic “sage” Maimonides. But you catch my drift.

No Person of Color should need to have their humanity validated by first cosigning whatever gaggle of gobbledygook the Jew demands of him. Neither does any Gentile in general. The Jew should take dictation from us and never, EVER the other way around–if he’s even allowed a place in our culture to begin with! And the very fact that the industry is set up in such a way that Blacks and Muslims have to kiss the ring of our oppressors if we are to be successful — including those whose lyrics are centered around “political” themes — tells you everything you need to know about just WHO is in control. It ain’t the “Germanic Death Cult” like Zio-shill Alex Jonestein would have you believe. It ain’t the “globalists” like the KNR (Kosher New Right) says. And it ain’t the cis-gender-white-supremacist-hetero-normative-patriarchy like the idiotic and increasingly degenerate lefistanis are trying to convince you it is. It’s the Jews. Plain and simple.

On a personal note, I find it entirely COHENcidental that in the months which ensued after Lyor the Loathsome took over the job as head of YouTube Music, a massive crackdown ensued on Anti-Zionist, Anti-Jewish-supremacist content with increased direct input from the Mossad fifth columnists at the ADL. My 9/11 truth anthem “Zionist Job” was removed off of YouTube and my account was locked for several months until it was ultimately deleted at the behest of the Monsters of B’nai B’rith when they came after me last summer. Considering the already-established linkage between Cohen, YouTube and the ADL, it wouldn’t be the least bit astonishing that there was even further coordination between Lyor the Liceling and the world’s oldest Jewish Lobby group. And yet there are some House Muslims and House Negros that think Lyor is “gangsta” and want to emulate him. Yeah. The muhfucka’s a “gangsta” alright. One who will sell you down the river and maybe even kill you if it would put just a penny in the pocket of one of his coreligionists. The pinnacle of racism.

Indeed, the Jewish racist is the WORST kind of racist because he pretends to be oppressed and that he wants to assist your cause while he’s placating you, de-fanging you, sucking your blood and draining your lifeforce so you cease to be a potential opposition force to him and his wandering clan. That’s Lyor Cohen to the letter. He doesn’t love Hip-Hop. He doesn’t love Black and Brown people and Muslims nor care about us. He’s using us to fatten his pockets and further the Zionist agenda of dumbing down the masses to the absolute lowest they can possibly go so they’re never fully aware of how all-encompassing the matrix around them is; so they never raise their voice against the system; so they cease to even have the slightest inkling of fighting back; so they don’t call their oppressor by his name… J-E-W. This is subservience. And subservience ain’t Hip-Hop–no matter how much Lyor the Living Legerdemain insists otherwise. A culture vulture personified, Cohen the “Chosenite” Caucasoid needs to be expelled from Hip-Hop. Just like his fellow tribalists should be expelled from the Holy Land. He’s been profiting off our pain, blood, sweat and tears for decades and filling the gluttonous stomachs of his entire shaytanic family. The King Jew devil’s more than fat enough, ain’t he?

2 thoughts on “‘Israeli’ Culture Vulture, Banker And Devil Lyor Cohen Should Be Expelled From Hip-Hop”

  1. Reading this about Cohen, reminds me of one earlier Hollywood type that ran the music industry in LA.
    You might recall this Chicago mafia via Russia with his other Russian buddy that transplanted to LA from the Chicago mafia.
    His ran MCA records in Hollywood and he and his wife struck fear in the hearts of singers and actors alike.
    There are stories that both actors and actresses when called to his office to discuss something…would be shouted at and humiliated to the point of peeing their pants….leaving a huge puddle on the floor while he laughed in delight.
    He ran Ron Reagan’s campaign for president and enemies though he was a democrat, loved the idea of a republican president like Reagan.
    He had a lieutenant that was his second in command that was a eye MD in California by the name of Jules Stein….another Russia ln the works and a devout Jew.
    The evil one was Lew Wasserman.

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