Islamic Movement of Nigeria Plans Huge March To Mark 500 Days Of Zakzaky’s Illegal Imprisonment

by Jonathan Azaziah

Word just came in from a very dear brother of mine in Sokoto that the blessed people of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) will be marching today with their Sunni, Sufi and Christian allies to mark 500 days since Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky was unjustly thrown into prison by the cruel and torturous Buhari regime. There won’t be any Zionist media coverage. There won’t be any little trendy hashtags put out by the “Palestine Solidarity Movement”–which despicably ignores the plight of the Sheikh to this day EVEN THOUGH he is the foremost champion of the Palestinian cause on the African continent. The “Muslim” Brotherhood will be mum. And the “human rights” organizations won’t make a peep because supporting the oppressed Shi’a of Nigeria isn’t in line with any US-‘Israeli’ stratagem. But those of us with a heart, a soul and a conscience don’t take leads from these devils or hypocrites ANYWAY so prayers for our Nigerian brethren are absolutely in order and then some. Because the murderous tyrant in Abuja has shown a tremendously brutal propensity towards massacring the peaceful members of the IMN on important occasions. Al-Quds Day ’14 comes to mind. The Zaria Massacre of ’15. The Kano City slaughter of ’16.

That this march even has to take place is absurd and infuriating enough as is, since Zakzaky, his wife Sayyeda Zeenat and hundreds of other IMN activists don’t belong in prison in the first place. Add in the prospective of a criminal assault by the American-Zionist-Saudi-owned despot and his Mossad-CIA-trained army and we have a very volatile situation afoot. Nevertheless, it is a testament to the strength and courage of the Nigerian Shi’a that in spite of martyrdom being at their footstep–or perhaps, a more apt way to describe it would be DUE TO THE VERY NOTION that martyrdom awaits–they will be out in full force for the Sheikh, for Shi’a rights and for an end to Zio-Imperialist rule over their nation. The culture of martyrdom prevails. Imam Hussein (A.S.) and Imam Kazim (A.S.) live! Godspeed to all my Nigerian brethren. May your rallies fall under the watchful eyes and heavenly protection of the angels. And of course: FREE ZAKZAKY AND FREE ZAKZAKY RIGHT THIS DAMN MINUTE!

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