Islamic Jihad: Sticking to Resistance Path

Islamic Jihad group stressed it is sticking to the resistance path as well as its commitment to liberate all the occupied territories in Palestine.

On the nineteenth anniversary of its commander Fathi al-Sheqaqi’s martyrdom, the Palestinian resistance group released a statement which said that the struggle with the Zionist entity will not end until the whole liberation of Palestine.Fathi Sheqaqi Islamic Jihad Movement

“19 years ago, the occupation thought that his crime (Sheqaqi’s assassination) would put an end to the resistance path,” the statement said, stressing that the enemy has failed several times and its latest defeat was during the 50-day offensive on Gaza in July and August.

“The occupation’s crimes of killing, Judaization and arrest will not break the will of our people,” the group said in the statement, adding that the enemy’s offensive policies which are aimed at imposing its conditions or at wiping out the Palestinian identity are doomed to fail.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad movement voiced its commitment to the national unity with all the Palestinian factions, vowing to exert efforts in order to rebuild the devastated enclave which was hit by a brutal offensive two months ago.

On the other hand, the resistance group warned the Zionist entity against violating the ceasefire which has ended the Israeli assault.

Source: Al-Manar

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