Islamic-Christian Unity: Priests March For Imam Hussein On Arbaeen

With the Zionist-Takfiri war on Christians and Arab-Christian identity and history raging in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq itself, seeing Christian priests marching with Muslim pilgrims who flocked in record numbers to the holy city of Karbala for Arbaeen is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  Indeed, this beautiful act of defiance is the remedy for the the murderous Takfirism of ISIS and the very embodiment of what Imam Hussein (A.S.) stood for, fought for and sacrificed himself for.

Below, Mouqawamah Music reproduces several breathtaking, high-quality, wondrous photographs of this momentous display of cross-communal solidarity and Islamic-Christian Coresistance, originally taken by Shafaqna, the Shi’a Muslim International News Association:

arbaeen christians 01

arbaeen christians 02

arbaeen christians 03

arbaeen christians 04

arbaeen christians 05

arbaeen christians 06

arbaeen christians 07

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