ISIS Murders 100 Shi’a Pilgrims In Iraq’s Hilla As “Vengeance” For Massive Defeat On Mosul-Raqqa Roads

by Jonathan Azaziah

Ungodly bloodshed today in Shomali, a village in the southern Iraqi city of Hilla. Heavy emphasis on ungodly. Around 100 Shi’a pilgrims were murdered when the demented filth of Daesh unleashed a suicide bomber on seven buses packed with pilgrims heading home from Arbaeen. Among the martyrs were Iraqis, Iranians and Bahrainis. These were peaceful souls, who were only in Iraq’s south to begin with because they were commemorating the end of the mourning period for Imam Hussein (A.S.); they died as true Shi’a. The blast was so huge, it engulfed a gas station and a local cafe. One must ask: What goes through the mind of a terrorist who blows himself up among the unarmed, the innocent, the faithful, the Godwary? Hmm? What exactly? Allow me to gladly enlighten: Wahhabism. Toxic, insane, destructive, crypto-Jewish Wahhabism. That’s what. The upper echelons of ISIS, whether in Iraq or Syria, are undoubtedly intelligence assets of Mossad, CIA, MI6 and MIT. But the rank-and-file running day-to-day affairs in Mosul as well as Raqqa and those fools becoming suicide attackers are brainwashed lock, stock and smoking barrel by the noxious, sectarian, genocidal ideology founded by the monstrous Saudi “royal” family and its network of mentally ill “clerics”. Wahhabism is what struck Hilla today and anyone who calls it anything else is a liar.

A classic symptom of the Wahhabi-infected mind, centrally because of its Judeo-Zionist origins, is the unwillingness to accept defeat; to lash out like a wounded, rabid beast-demon at the most vulnerable persons and creatures around you because of failure on the battlefield. Today’s criminal assault in Hilla can be filed under that category as well. These Shi’a pilgrims were targeted because yesterday, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, led by Kata’ib Hizbullah and Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba, cut off EVERY single remaining road linking Raqqa to Mosul. Tal Afar is now entirely encircled and whatever life remained in the American-Saudi-‘Israeli’ scheme to transfer terrorists from the Iraqi arena to the Syrian arena is now gone. Yes, the Iraqi Mouqawamah killed this devilish plot the Empire and killed it dead. So freaking out like the trapped rats that they are, the Daeshis snuck one of their cowardly death-wishers through lax Iraqi security–as many of the moujahideen and internal security forces had departed back to the Mosul front–and had him detonate his explosives the moment he saw some pilgrims.

What’s mind-boggling though is that there is no strategic depth here at all. We might as well call it crybaby warfare. Mass murder aside, what the PMU achieved on the Mosul-Raqqa roads still stands and it is a gigantic triumph for both Iraq and Syria. It also paves the way for a smoother and quicker victory in Mosul. And mass murder aside, the 20 million pilgrims that came to Iraq’s Karbala this year, including 3 million Iranians, will only increase next year. The love for Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the commitment to his path, which is indeed a path that began with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), will not be shaken but strengthened. Our chants of “Labaykah Ya Hussein (A.S.)!” and “Hayhat Minna Zilla (Us, humiliated?! Never, ever)!” will not grow quiet but louder ’till it’s a cacophony in Earth’s upper canopy. Spill our blood, stronger we grow… It’s the Husseini way. Rest in sweet, deep, everlasting serenity o’ martyrs! The Axis of Resistance and its soldiers, both on the physical and digital battlefields, keep firing, keep fighting, keep praying and keep struggling in your memory.

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