Iraqi Shi’a Legend Abou Azrael Prays With A Sunni Fighter Near Mosul, Demolishing Zionist Media’s Sectarian Narrative

by Jonathan Azaziah

Nothing says “Jummah Mubarak!” like Islamic unity. Pictured here are Omar al-Tikriti, a Sunni fighter of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, and Abou Azrael (Ayyoub Faleh al-Rubaie), commander of the Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade and Iraq’s most prolific Shi’a moujahid who has single-handedly neutralized nearly 1,000 ISIS terrorists. (Yes, the big-bearded Takfiri slayer keeps his weapon on his sajjadah ’cause badassery is just what he does :D!) The two Muhammadi soldiers are praying together before returning to the battle against MossadDaesh on the outskirts of Mosul. Joint Sunni-Shi’a prayer sessions are routine in Iraq’s conflict zones. Not only due to the genuine love and brotherhood between the moujahideen of each respective Islamic school of thought, but also because there is no greater weapon against ISIS than the categorical rejection of division. If there was so much violent sectarianism in Iraq, how could these two be anywhere near the same vicinity as one another, let alone praying together? If there was a “Sunni-Shi’a war” unfolding on Mesopotamia’s streets and sands, how could this even be possible? If the Sunnis hated the Shi’a, wouldn’t Omar go for Abou Azrael’s jugular? And if the Shi’a were “marginalizing” and “persecuting” and “communally cleansing” Sunnis, Abou Azrael would’ve put his boot on his comrade’s neck, not kneel down side-by-side with him in worship, right? Right. So stop believing the filth of International Zionism’s press.

Just like Syria, Palestine and Yemen, Iraq is a victim of the Zionist media’s lies and attempts to portray it as a hellhole balkanized on ethno-sectarian lines when in fact we as a people are more united than any other point in our history in the face of the Anglo-Zionist Imperium. Not even during the Great Iraqi Revolution of 1920, led by the giant Sheikh Mahdi al-Khaleesi (R.A.), were Iraqis this awakened, this close and this committed to cleansing our lands of all oppressors and invaders, be they the Takfiris or the Takfiris’ masters in Washington, London and “Tel Aviv”. A divided Iraq is Oded Yinon’s fantasy. Unity, under the banner of “We Are One Hand!”, is our eternal reality. We all need to follow the example set by Abou Azrael and Omar al-Tikriti to thwart the plots of sectarianism wherever the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity and its tools attempt to spread such poison. May ALLAH (SWT) protect these heroes of Iraq, these heroes of Islam, and guide them to a decisive triumph over our enemies. #LongLiveIraq #WeAreOneHand

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