Iraq: The “Liberation” Of Heet Ain’t Really Liberation At All

by Jonathan Azaziah

Sorry, but I’m not gonna jump up and down for joy now that the Euphrates River city of Heet in Iraq’s Al-Anbar Province has been “liberated”. Never should ONE SINGLE THING spearheaded by the Zionist-occupied American regime EVER be applauded… Under ANY circumstances.

Firstly, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization (Hashd al-Shaabi) was sidelined yet again; cut out of the battle by the government of US-UK darling Haidar al-Abadi so the US ZOG, using the Iraqi army as its proxies, could claim “victory” in a propagandistic circus act spread throughout the Western-GCC-‘Israeli’ media. The sacrifices of our young men, who leave their wives, children and families behind to confront the Zio-Imperialist-birthed ISIS Frankenstein, have not been discussed by mainstream press outlets, nor will they be. The focus will strictly stay on what Glorious, Shining ‘Murica did–which was ultimately jack squat but air raids–to “kick the behinds of dem Moooooozlum fanatix”.

Secondly, while fierce fighting was reported, it remains totally unclear if Washington (and “Tel Aviv” along with Riyadh undoubtedly) ordered the commanders of its ISIS vassal to leave the battlefield and head to Mosul for safety just as the case was in Ramadi, thus leaving the tail of the snake smashed but the head of the snake, i.e. the Mossad-CIA intelligence assets who really run the Takfiri show in Iraq and who really matter, fully intact to continue terrorizing Iraqis elsewhere in the country and stealing our natural resources for ‘Israel’.

Thirdly, has recent history been completely forgotten?! It was the occupation forces led by the United States that dropped white phosphorus, mark-77 and depleted uranium on the men, women and children of Al-Anbar, from Heet to Ramadi to Fallujah and beyond, slaughtering hundreds of thousands in this region alone; now the American invaders are in Heet to help free us from a beast that they, their Saudi-Qatari-Turkish stooges and their Zionist overlords birthed in a lab to begin with? Fuck no! What does this US “assistance” cost? What is the nature of this master-and-slave contract? What are Iraqis going to owe America?

Fourthly, finally and most importantly, as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Sheikh Na’im Qassem, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei and numerous Hashd al-Shaabi leaders have said repeatedly since the emergence of the fake, deliberately-failing US-led “anti-ISIS” coalition, America has no intention of eliminating Daesh, only containing it, as the Takfiri terrorist group is being utilized for the geo-strategic needs of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire, specifically funneling oil to the usurping, artificial, genocidal Judaic entity poisoning Palestine and waging 4th Generation Warfare on states and movements that ain’t down with the hegemonic powers.

So no, Heet is not liberated, nor is Ramadi, nor is any other village, town or city touched by American hands, ’cause none of it comes without a price. In fact, all of it is fraudulent and insidious because as the destructions of Yugoslavia and Libya have proven, the “humanitarianism” of the US ZOG is always fraudulent and insidious. Always. Iraq will never be truly free or genuinely sovereign until US influence is purged from our lands like it was in the 1979 Islamic Revolution in beloved Iran. Then, and only then, can we say that we’ve been liberated. Indeed, the defeat of ISIS is merely the first step in reclaiming our nation and our 10,000-year civilization from the filthy, shaytanic invaders.

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