Iraq and Syria Are One: Terrorists Kill More Innocents In Khalis, Damascus and Aleppo

by Jonathan Azaziah

All my love and all my du’a to Iraq and Syria. Yesterday, the Takfiris not only murdered Iraqis in Kazimiyeh, but shelled a restaurant in Damascus, slaughtering at least 8 Syrians and wounding dozens more. Today, the terrorist mercenary cockroaches were at it again, carrying out yet another cowardly suicide attack on Iraqis, this time taking 20 innocent lives in Khalis, Diyala, and once more shelling Syrian civilians to death in both Damascus and Aleppo–martyr count stands at 4 today, including a child. Iraq and Syria not only share a common struggle against the triple-headed beast of Zionism, Imperialism and Takfirism, nor do we merely share a common identity as the mothers and fathers of all nations in the Arab-Islamic world as well as many in the West, the sanctified soil from which infinite languages and cultures have grown and bloomed, the twin souls of the Fertile Crescent and the Cradle of Civilization’s left and right ventricles. Indeed it extends beyond this transhistorical symbiosis. Bilad al-Sham and Bilad al-Rafidayn also share a common sacrifice, as both Syrians and Iraqis, men, women and children, Muslims, Christians, other faiths and nonbelievers, have given their tears, their blood and their very lives to preserve the sovereignty and dignity of our ancient lands in the face of the most vicious conspiracy that Empire Judaica has ever orchestrated.

In other words: Iraq is Syria and Syria is Iraq. Earth’s Most Evil have done the most unspeakable things to disrupt and ultimately decimate this unity, but we have only grown closer together in brotherhood/sisterhood, friendship, battlefield cooperation and our inextricably linked strategic vision. A victory for one is a victory for the other and the final victory will be a victory for all. In fact, World Zionism, by arrogantly attempting to advance its Sykes-Picot/”Greater ‘Israel'” hegemony into the next century, has inadvertently put it in major jeopardy by trying to weaken Iraq and Syria simultaneously, forcing us to close ranks, deepen coordination and tackle the enemy head on with vigor and mercilessness, in spite of all our martyrs and all the bloodshed. Read ’em and weep ‘Israel’, Amreeka and Al-Saud, the Iraqi-Syrian bond isn’t just stronger than ever but a rare stone impervious to your Takfiri jackhammer. From Kazimiyeh to Dimashq, Khalis to Halab, may all the fallen rest in sweet salaam.

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