Iranians Stand With Kashmiris In The Face Of Latest Massacre And So Do I

by Jonathan Azaziah

Mighty Iran’s beautiful, revolutionary people stand with occupied Kashmir and so does your friendly neighborhood Iraqi Iconoclast. The ongoing massacre in the Vale, merely the latest round of slaughter in a long string of Indian regime crimes against Kashmiris going back to 1947, is not about Burhan Wani, Hizb al-Moujahideen, Pakistan or some nebulous “Islamist militancy” which represents no more of a threat to the security of Hindustan than a group of gnats represent to an elephant. All these things are mere propaganda instruments for the Modi regime to use when applicable as a means of justifying mass murder of mostly youths between 16-22 whose sole weapon of choice is a stone. This is about Indian state terrorism, nearly seven decades of criminal occupation and an increasingly belligerent regime in the form of Modi’s BJP that is looking for any pretext it can find to build Hindu settlements on Kashmiri Muslim land. Currently the martyr count since July 9th stands at over 45 with hundreds more wounded. Among the casualties are Sunnis, Shi’a and Sufis. The Hindu supremacist oppressors do not discriminate at all, they shoot, maim and torture regardless of what one’s school of thought happens to be.

And the atrocities this go-around have been typically but nevertheless shockingly bone-chilling, with Hindutvadi occupation forces shooting steel pellets into the faces of Kashmiri demonstrators to deliberately blind them and leaving others with their necks broken slumped over curbs and park benches. If you’re wondering how or why Indian soldiers could be so barbaric, look no further than what filthy, toxic, cancerous, shaytanic entity is arming and training them. Yeah. You guessed it. ‘Israel’, which provides New Delhi with more weaponry than anyone else. The Zionist-Hindutvadi alliance is one that goes back decades and has been forged in the ideological, financial political, military and intelligence sectors, even down to the hasbara; just replace “only democracy in the Middle East” vis-à-vis ‘Israel’ with “largest democracy in the world” vis-à-vis the Hindutvadi regime. The oppression of Kashmiris is thus as much the responsibility of ‘Israel’ as it is the corrupted Indian state’s.

Like the Saudi onslaught against Yemen, “the Ummah” seemingly cannot be bothered to condemn what is taking place in Kashmir and defend these wonderful, oppressed, steadfast people, let alone expose the Zionist hands behind their torment. And isn’t it just so very quaint that Al-Saud, which is on a rampage to silent its opponents from Nigeria to Lebanon to Pakistan, has been cozying up to Modi since last April like they’ve been old homies all along? Indeed, these hypocritical devils and liars, who never met an American “regime change” operation they didn’t love and gobble right up like a home-cooked meal, have had Saudi petrodollars stuffed down their throats to keep quiet on the newly Wahhabi-aligned, historically Zionist-partnered Hindutvadi brutes’ savagery in the Valley.

Duplicitious cowards aside however, and unlike Kashmiri mass graves where so many unidentified martyrs lay, the inhumanity cannot be buried, so if you’re Indian, no matter what your communal background is, and if you’re Muslim, no matter what “sect” you belong to, standing with Kashmir against the occupation as Iranian men, women and children are doing is imperative. Failing to do so would mean that it isn’t merely the ‘Israelis’ and the Hindutvadis who have their demonic hands covered in blood but yours too. For as Imam Hussein (A.S.) said, “Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves.” The massacre must stop. Hindutva’s reign of terror must stop. And the Kashmiri people must have the Azadi they so justly deserve and nothing less. Not now… but RIGHT NOW. #LongLiveKashmir #FreeKashmir #LongLiveIran #DeathToHindutva #DeathToZionism #DownWithModi #AzadiRightNow

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