In Newest Showing Of Syrian Military Might, Another Zionist Warplane Gets Clipped Over T-4 In Homs

by Jonathan Azaziah

Long live the Syrian Arab Republic! Just about 24 hours ago, the usurping Zionist cancer launched an aggression on the military positions of the Syrian Arab Army at T-4 Airbase in Homs. But the ‘Israelis’, in their ever-self-damning arrogance, didn’t expect the situation to unfold as it did. F-16s of the Jewish terrorist “state” fired a slew of missiles, which didn’t do any harm at all. No martyrs and no wounded from the Syrian side. Then, as the ‘Israeli’ occupation air force came back around for a second assault, Syria’s air defense systems anticipated the maneuver and blasted one of the illegitimate Zionist entity’s birds RIGHT OUTTA THE SKY and sent the rest of the invaders scurrying away in a cloud of rocketry. MABROUK, ya Souria! Typically, the artificial Halakhic-Talmudic regime told various wire services and “news” outlets, including Reuters, that it “doesn’t comment on foreign reports”–which, if you are fluent in the language of legerdemain that is “chosenoidese”, is an absolute confirmation that ‘Israel’ failed massively with this operation and the damage inflicted by Syria’s righteous and steadfast armed forces was very much severe. DTI!

Syria has been downing ‘Israeli’ warplanes and drones violating its sovereignty for some time now, that’s certainly true. The same goes for Hizbullah. But what makes this particular bout in Homs different is that we are now in a “new period” as Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyyed Hassan Nasrallah declared in a speech last May. The game has changed. The rules have been adjusted. Indeed, it is not only the Lebanese Islamic Resistance which views the entire regional chessboard as points and places to respond to any and every ‘Israeli’ aggression–Hizbullah has operated with this ideological and strategic outlook since six of its moujahideen and an IRGC general were martyred in Syria’s Quneitra on January 18th, 2015–but Damascus too. ‘Israel’ can’t just carry out bloodthirsty acts of gangsterism anymore without receiving a response from the Resistance Axis. And referring to the same aforementioned speech of Sayyed Abou Hadi, despite all of the Yahoudling colonizers’ bluster about blowing up this and razing that, they are in fact quite petrified of a war breaking out because they simply cannot handle it and would prefer to have its Western and GCC Shabbos Goyim fight the battle for them. Proxies won’t save you though, o’ Zio-Tumor. Nor will any of your usual “by way of deception, thou shalt do war” bullshit. As the latest incident at T-4 shows, Syria and its allies are ready for everything and the airways of Bilad al-Sham are not safe for “Yahweh’s chosen planes” to operate in.

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