In Iraq’s Wartorn, Poverty-Stricken Najaf, An Iraqi Santa Claus Brings Joy To Children On Christmas

by Jonathan Azaziah

War, poverty and unhappiness have been staples of the Iraqi experience for the last five decades give or take. And in the holy city of Najaf, over the last thirteen years since the Anglo-Zionist invasion, these three dark forces (war, poverty and unhappiness) have been especially prevalent. What the US regime did to Najaf in August 2004, with heavy bombers, helicopter gunships, tanks and other armored vehicles, was unspeakable. Nearly the entirety of the Old City was reduced to ruins. Tens of thousands of Iraqis were murdered and wounded. Infrastructures, including running water and electricity, completely collapsed. These atrocities have led to a meteoric rise in PTSD in all of Najaf’s residents, children particularly. Now throw in the corrupt regime in Baghdad which has done NOTHING to alleviate any of the socio-economic woes and what you have is a situation immersed in misery truly beyond human comprehension. But despite all of this, Najaf and its people still find a way to live. Enter a man by the name of Moustafa al-Sudani.

He is the joyful, pure-hearted individual you see in the Santa Claus costume and he traveled 160 kilometers from Baghdad to deliver gifts to the impoverished children of Najaf. This is the second year in a row that he has put on the red suit and as one can notice from the child kissing him on the cheek, the kids are more than grateful for his presence and his efforts. With the Takfiri terrorist scourge a few hundred kilometers in Iraq’s north banning Christmas outright and many in Iraq’s south too broken from the US-UK-‘Israeli’ aggression to celebrate much of anything, Moustafa al-Sudani represents the love and generosity Jesus Christ’s (A.S.) birthday is meant to bring. He’s giving hope in a place where hopelessness has reigned. He’s giving smiles in a place where happiness was poisoned by American depleted uranium.

True, he is not on the battlefield with the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). Sure, he’s not exactly Abou Azrael. But this man is no less a hero than any Resistance fighter. For his Jihad is merely a different facet of the same struggle waged by the Iraqi Mouqawamah. The PMU battles to defend our land. Moustafa battles to save the souls of our children so our land has a future, one gift at a time. And for that, he deserves every salute imaginable. Thank you Moustafa al-Sudani. You’re unique living proof that while the American ZOG burnt Najaf to the ground, it could not destroy the Christmas Spirit and the Iraqi will to fight on. Thank you for reversing the desperation of our little ones and extinguishing the flames of Zio-Imperialism. Long live the Santa Claus of Najaf.

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