In Defiance Of The Judaic-Dajjalic War On Christ (A.S.), We Say Merry Christmas To Our Orthodox Christian Family

by Jonathan Azaziah

A Merry Mouqawamist Christmas to all our Orthodox Christian brethren around the world celebrating the miracle of Isa al-Masih’s birth (A.S.) today. Because of the two-headed monster of Zio-Orientalism and Russophobia, too often, the joys, observances and commemorations of the Eastern (read: true) Christians are cast aside to the point of nonexistence. We stand against this marginalization, oppression and erasure. We declare full Striking Star Solidarity with our fellow lovers of Christ (A.S.), those who are closest to us in brotherhood as the Holy Qur’an says. And we resolutely and resoundingly oppose any attempt by any “cleric” fallaciously speaking in the name of Islam which seeks to drive a wedge between us. Muslim-Christian unity is the bedrock of resistance against the Judaic-Dajjalic New World Order, the irreversible EMP that can – and WILL insha’ALLAH – permanently short circuit the machine. Whomever is out to undermine or undo this truth is to be treated with as much hostility as the anti-Christ Zionist overlords themselves.

To the Nasara of Syria, we marvel at your sumoud. Since 2011, your churches have been burned, your art has been desecrated, your neighborhoods have been shelled daily, but never once have you wavered in your support for the Syrian Arab Republic, the Syrian Arab Army, the Syrian government, President Assad and your Syrian Muslim brethren. And for the first time in that same time frame, you celebrate both the New Year and your highest holiday in peace. You are victorious.

To the Nasara of Palestine, we are gobsmacked over your resolve. Under occupation for more than 70 years and colonized for twice that, but you continue to maintain your traditions despite manifestations of slaughterous, Pharisaic Christ-hatred all around you. To the followers of Isa al-Masih (A.S.) in besieged Gaza especially, denied access to Bethlehem by the ‘Israeli’ cancer, we are triply gobsmacked. The liberation of Palestine from the River to the Sea, with all the Zealots driven back from whence they came, is nearing. Hold on just a small while longer.

To the Nasara of Lebanon, we salute you. Despite the attempts by ‘Israel’, the American ZOG and Saudi Arabia to separate you from the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah, which has protected you and your way of life with thousands of gallons of martyrs’ blood on both sides of the Lebanese-Syrian border, you’ve only clung tighter to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the saintly men he commands. May you and the Mouqawamah always be this close.

To the Nasara of Iraq, our hearts break with yours and we are shoulder to shoulder with you in putting your lives back together. There have been many a try by Empire Zionica to put lines in the sand between us but when we see priests, bishops and everyday parishioners kissing the foreheads of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance following the crushing of ISIS, we are reminded of our unified destiny. And we never, EVER forget… that WE ARE ONE HAND.

To the Nasara of Iran, you make our souls smile. Seeing your gorgeous Christmas trees on the streets of Tehran. Seeing the illuminating lights adorning your cathedrals in Urmia. And seeing Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei visit the families of Christian Shouhada who gave their lives in defense of the Islamic Revolution during the US-UK-‘Israeli’-Soviet-Saudi-backed Imposed War of Saddam Hussein on Iran. What reflects in our eyes is the brotherhood exemplified by the 82nd Ayah in Surat al-Ma’idah. On the front lines of the final battle with Dajjal, we will be together arm and arm… Gun and gun.

To the Nasara of Ukraine, your fighting spirit moves us. Under siege from the illegal coup regime in Kiev run by “miserable Jews” as martyred Donetsk People’s Republic leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko (rip) called them, you uphold your families, your culture and your history with honor, dignity and courage. Your fight against Judeo-Atlanticist NATO is our fight.

To the Nasara of Armenia, both at home and in the Diaspora, we remember your genocide at the hands of the Zionist-Freemasonic Young Turks. We remember the ethnic cleansing of your people from the Armenian quarter of Al-Quds by Jewish terrorists in the Nakba. We remember ‘Israel’ providing unlimited military support to fake-Shi’a, completely-traitorous Azerbaijan – one of the biggest buyers of ‘Israeli’ military hardware in the world at the moment – during the Nagorno-Karabakh War. And we remember the renewed attacks on your heritage in Bilad al-Sham with the rising of the usurping Zionist entity’s Takfiri Goy Golem. To see you prospering today in spite of all these crimes fills us with joy.

And to the Nasara of Russia, especially the young soldiers and pilots of the Spetsnaz and Russian Aerospace Forces who have been fighting as one with Resistance Axis contingents and developed such a high level of respect for the moujahideen of Hizbullah and Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba in particular, they’ve placed their insignia badges on their uniforms. We’ve seen Russian soldiers accompanied by IRGC commanders and Syrian Arab Army soldiers at the shrine of Sayyeda Zaynab (A.S.) paying their respects to the Ultimate Female Symbol of Mouqawamah and even a handful who have reverted. Regardless of certain positions of the Russian government that we are diametrically opposed to, we know that this battlefield brotherhood is rooted in genuineness. We pray that your next Christmas will be one free of NATO expansionism and encroachment, US-EU sanctions and neocon plots against the presidency of Vladimir Putin, not to mention one with a severe rollback of the resurgent power of Russia’s Jewish-Zionist Lobby. Meanwhile, for this one, we tip our hats to you and make sincere du’a for all the peoples of Holy Rus.

It’s imperative to the Muslim-Christian alliance to remember all these beautiful and resilient communities in our supplications because the Zionist war on Jesus Christ (A.S.) and his Virgin Mother Maryam (A.S.) has taken on a new dimension in recent times with the establishment of the breakaway Ukrainian Orthodox Church–a Yahoudi-Amreeki plot through and through.

Not only was the move instigated as part of a “hybrid war” against Russia by Poroshenko himself, a Jew who attempts rigorously to conceal his ethno-religious origins and has ties to ‘Israel’… After being set into motion decades ago by the CIA and the none other than perennial Russophobe, neocon warmonger and ‘Israel’ servant John McCain (L.A.)… The new mural in the 150-year old Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Kiev glorifies the Azov Battalion, a neo-“Nazi” militia armed to the teeth by the usurping Zionist entity and financed by ‘Israeli’-Ukrainian oligarchical terrorist Igor Kolomoisky. To make matters even more Judaic — and despicable — the actual head of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations is a Yahoudling, Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich, scion of the Karlin-Stolin Hasidic dynasty originally from Belarus that has been colonizing Palestine for almost 150 years. Bleich, Ukraine’s chief rabbinical official, was former VP of the World Jewish Congress, one of the current VPs of the European Rabbis Conference and an anti-Russian hasbaranik. He’s also an ally of Kolomoisky and Vaad of Ukraine President Yosyf Zisels aka Josef Zissels, a Jewish nationalist-extremist and anti-Russian agitator.

Geopolitical considerations aside, and those are ghastly enough… That a Jew is running the governing body of an Orthodox Church is nothing short of reprehensible considering just what it is that Judaism teaches without exception in regards to the Christ (A.S.), his Chaste Mother (A.S.), Christians and Christianity generally. It is Talmudic tradition to spit on Christians and when passing by a crucifix, to spit on it three times. Christian books are to be burned. Jews are taught that he who reads the Gospels (Al-Injeel) is destined for the fiery pits. Christianity is described as worse than incest and anyone who adheres to it is like one who sleeps with prostitutes. Part of the Jewish daily prayer calls for all Christians to perish instantly. Maryam (A.S.) is considered a whore. And Christ (A.S.) is considered a bastard, a magician, a cult-leader, a demon-commander, a pervert and an idolater who’s rotting in his own bodily fluids in hell. All in the Talmud.

Meanwhile, the Chabadniks, Judaism’s most powerful and deviant sect and one which Rabbi Bleich is more than friendly with, consider the birthday of Jesus (A.S.) to be “Nitel Night”, an unholy event when “soulless Gentiles” reign over the Earth for 24 hours. Astaghfirullah Azeem for even printing and relaying this poison but it was necessary so the depths of the depravity are understood. And don’t take my word for it. Check the footnotes of a 2014 Mouqawamah Music piece, “Jewish Colonialism At Work: Palestinian Christians And The Zionist Attempt To Destroy Their Arab Identity“, and read it for yourself. Nothing “conspiracist” or “anti-Semitic” or “fascist-propaganda-laden” or any other CIA-derived smear word you wanna use about the FACTS mentioned herein. It’s all documented. All academic.

Still think it’s normal that a Talmudic rabbi runs an Orthodox Christian establishment? Think the hell again. Progressing further, let’s not even get deep into the details of Hollywood. Beyond overt anti-Christ messages from the likes of Zionist devils Larry David, Sarah Silverman and many, MANY others, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single action or drama series that doesn’t feature a church shot up, blown up, defiled, dirtied, insulted, made a mockery of or all of the above throughout the course of a season. Same goes for movies. All concocted by Jewish writers, Jewish producers, Jewish directors and Jewish advertisers before being sold to the masses by Jewish studios and Jewish media networks. Not “White supremacy”, ladies and gentlemen. Anti-Christ Judaism.

It’s for this very unsettling reason that we stress that standing with Christians, principally during their holiest occasions, is as Muhammadi-Husseini as speaking words of truth to an unjust ruler. In fact, that’s exactly the comparison to be made because it is the unjust rulers of today, i.e. World Zionism, that want Muslims and Christians divided. Indeed, Lebanese and Iraqi moujahideen weren’t helping restore churches, cathedrals, art and Christian homes for their health. They did so out of the goodness of their hearts based on spiritual and transhistorical Islamic praxis. Muhammad al-Moustafa, our Noble and Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.), protected Christians and their traditions. So must we. Merry Mouqawamist Christmas to our Orthodox Christian friends, NAY, FAMILY, once again. May we, the Godwary children of Christ (A.S.), forever interlinked through the Injeel and the Qur’an, prevail over the sons of Zion.

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