If You March With Linda Sarsour, Then You March With Soros, ‘Israel’, Saudi Arabia And Their Wahhabi Proxies

by Jonathan Azaziah

All across social media, #IMarchWithLinda is being sent out into the digital information sphere. Zionist media, including the slavery-enforcing Qatari dictator’s Al-Jazeera, is covering it too. The hashtag is being supported by all types of wonderful individuals, from scores upon scores of “Muslim” Brotherhood sympathizers and “Arab Spring” enthusiasts, to liberal interventionists like Mia Farrow and even two-faced fake friends of Syria like Rania Khalek. All of this started because a handful of bigoted neocons drew up pieces and posts linking the atrocious Sarsour to “Shari’a”, “Palestinian terrorism” and “anti-Semitism”. All laughable when her record is examined. Indeed, these warmongers know full-well that Sarsour is actually a Judeophile and totally antithetical to the Palestinian Resistance and thus their ally in every “regime change” war that they’re waging on our region. They’re merely keeping up the facade of a divide between “the state” and Takfiri terrorist sympathizers when in reality they are indeed two sides of the same coin.

As for Sarsour’s “Palestine Solidarity” and “Anti-Imperialist” “comrades” standing with with her, they’re either totally ignorant to what Sarsour represents or they’re attempting to gain some publicity themselves in this maniacal era of anti-Trump hysteria by locking on to a prominent public figure who has the backing of new liberal hero-godling, the maliciously insidious Zionist Jew Bernie Sanders. The other option of course is they very well just might agree with all of Linda The Liar’s political stances. And such despicable stances they are!

When it comes to Syria, Linda The Living Legerdemain is nothing short of a Zio-NATO mouthpiece, parroting every drop of US State Department hasbara you can think of from “Assad gassed his own people” to “Assad committed massacres in Hama in ’82” to “the uprising began peacefully” and more. She’s an unabashed cheerleader of the head-chopping Takfiri terrorists and a proud waver of the three-star French Mandate flag flown by the “moderate” FSA criminals who behead children, put women in cages and detonate explosives to assassinate officials of the Syrian state involved in arming the Palestinian Resistance. She is, from top to bottom, a “no-fly zone revolutionary” cut from the blood-stained “Arab Spring” cloth.

On Yemen, Sarsour The Seller of Subterfuge despicably portrays Saudi Arabia’s genocidal invasion, siege and destruction of the country as a “civil war” and puts Ansarullah, i.e. the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and the very organism defending Yemen from this onslaught, on the same level as the Saudi aggressors themselves. She has attempted to brand herself as an advocate for Yemen’s children but her criticisms of the Saudi regime and the Obama-led, Bernie-backed policy of supporting its criminal assault on Yemen have been few and far between. Any attempt to malign the Houthis is a service to ‘Israel’ and its tyrannical Wahhabi partner-in-crime in Riyadh, make no mistake.

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, this “diva” deceiver has gone out of her way to act as an apologist for the Saudi regime, praising the despots for having “women in parliament” and “10 weeks of paid maternity leave”, as if the truths that women can’t leave their homes without a male guardian, can’t drive, can’t ride bikes except in circles (and with a male guardian, naturally), routinely are abused by security forces and “princes” with impunity, get lashed hundreds and thousands of times for Instagram photos, get imprisoned for Whatsapp conversations and raped and tortured if they participated in protests against the regime (especially if they’re Shi’a in Eastern Province), are all just mere “delusions” expressed by “Islamophobes”.

Besides, the “women in parliament” point is moot since it’s a new phenomenon used by the tyrants as a window-dressing for their misogynistic reign of terror. Syria, for example, puts the Saudi tyranny to shame, as it has had women at the forefront of its political order for nearly a century. And “10 weeks of paid maternity leave”? Really? It’s just laughable. In Canada, women get a year off, sometimes two, of fully-paid maternity leave. And in Qadhafi’s Libya, which not so coincidentally enough Sarsour supported the evisceration of, new mothers were given as much time off as they needed plus a $5,000.00 check from the state right off the cuff. And lest we forget that the Saudi regime crushes women in Bahrain, slaughters, starves and bombs Yemeni women, militarily and financially backs the woman-hating Takfiri gangs destabilizing Syria and is 100% allied with the woman-hating Jewish supremacist entity occupying Palestine. As a “Muslim” and “Arab” woman, Sarsour should be disgusted with herself for such propagandizing.

And perhaps most tellingly of all, on Palestine, her land of origin, Sarsour is candid about her support for the cancerous Zionist tumor’s “right to exist” and she has also completely disavowed the Palestinian people’s right to armed resistance, going as far as labeling the Palestinian Mouqawamah “terrorist groups” while referring to the terrorist ‘Israeli’ army as “military forces”. She’s expressed her grief over dead supremacist settlers and put the fake suffering of the occupiers on par with the very real agony of the occupied, oppressed, usurped and raped. But she’s a “radical”, right? She represents “the Resistance”, right? Check to see if you got your plane tickets and then GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! Linda the Lizard-Tongued is a fraud, through and through.

With all of this noted, it’s incredibly simple to come to the following conclusion: If you march with the vile, collaborationist hasbaranik Linda Sarsour, then you’re marching in lockstep with the Zionist enemy, Saudi Arabia and their Takfiri terrorist proxies. Additionally, you’re marching with George Soros, because MoveOn.org, Amnesty International and “Black” Lives Matter, all of which are funded by the devilish Judaic billionaire puppetmaster, have enthusiastically come to her defense. No doubt that Sarsour that shouldn’t be attacked for being Palestinian, Arab, Muslim or a woman–it’s beyond pathetic that this even has to be said. And speaking in such generalities plays into the divide-and-conquer strategy of the neocons’ “clash of civilizations” agenda.

But WE, those who TRULY safeguard Syria, Yemen and Palestine, do not oppose Sarsour for any of those absurd, bigoted reasons. We oppose Sarsour because she’s no different than the “Palestinian” Authority, the Wahhabi terrorist trash in Syria and the Saudi occupation militias in Yemen. For she is just a House Arab and House Muslim tool of the artificial ‘Israeli’ regime whose “right to exist” she gleefully upholds. I don’t march with Linda Sarsour. I step on Linda Sarsour. And anyone else who wants to see justice implemented in our region should do the same. Let this collaborator and all those who deplorably aid and abet her lies kick rocks ’till they fall right off a cliff.

One thought on “If You March With Linda Sarsour, Then You March With Soros, ‘Israel’, Saudi Arabia And Their Wahhabi Proxies”

  1. The first time I seen Linda Sarsour was on a CNN, where she was arguing with Zio skank Hanan Qahwaji, oh, I mean “Brigitte Gabriel”. At that time, I thought she was a bit wishy washy, but I told myself that at least she’s speaking up for her people, unlike most of the pathetic, whiney, ball less loosers who get down on their hands and knees begging people to believe that Islam is a “religion of peace”, which of course it is, but first and foremost it is a religion of justice, and with out justice there is no peace. Anyway. Once I heard her speaking about Syria, I thought that maybe she’s just dumb and actually believes that foolishness. But no, I think you’re right, she’s a deliberate liar and misinformer. Shame on this phoney, bogus fraud!!!!! You know, if she was legitimately speaking up for her people, she would be an unknown woman without a platform to express herself. That right there tells you that she is kosher aproved.

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