If House Arab Rashida Tlaib Was Brave, She’d Say “Death To ‘Israel’!” and “Zion Did 9/11”, Not “Impeach That Motherf****r!”

by Jonathan Azaziah

Activists on and off the Interwebzzz are abuzz over Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian woman ever “elected” to Congress, blurting out that in regards to Trump, “we’re going to go in there and impeach that motherf&%&%r!” The level of sycophancy at this moment seems to be even bigger and more nauseating than the fawning just moments before this latest publicity stunt over her wearing a thobe. The declarations of “yassss! Queen! Slay!” and “what a courageous sister!” and “she’s so hardcore!” are at radioactive levels, really. Because of course, the end of Zio-Imperialism and the liberation of Palestine from Jewish terrorists run through the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity’s personal cheering section – the US Congress – and it’s going to come with twice the swiftness because a sellout politician threw on traditional Arab dress with traditional Palestinian embroidery, right? Please.

Let’s set aside the fact that Tlaib is a fraud to begin with. Her entire political career was shaped by Zionist Jew Steve Tobocman, a wealthy and influential Michigan mover-and-shaker who spearheaded her recent victorious congressional campaign. She fraternizes with the worst and most sectarian Ikhwanjis of Saudi/Qatari/Emirati-financed CAIR, including the murderous Hussam Ayloush. She’s friends with the devilish Linda Sarsour, who’s very much ingratiated with the Jewish Power Configuration on numerous different levels. She’s taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Open Society Institute of George Soros and is a director at the Sugar Law Center, founded by pro-Soviet Jews Maurice and Jane Sugar. She was endorsed by liberal Zionist powerhouse J Street, willingly took its money, and only did a 180 because she came under pressure from her own constituents who held her feet to the fire. Nevertheless, she has maintained a flowery, subservient language that puts ‘Israeli’ colonizers and Palestinians in the same boat as if there is any such moral equivalency.

Simple and plain, she’s a product of Organized Jewry, as no real Palestinian/Arab/Muslim/activist/decent human being takes money from its coffers. Only creatures of that very force on a mission to hoodwink their own brethren do. Driving that point home further, it’s also more than telling that clear positions on major Arab-Muslim issues like Yemen and Syria are conspicuously absent from Tlaib’s platform. If the company she keeps is any indication though, she no doubt stands with Al-Saud and the Takfiriyeen, not Yemenis and Syrians.

Let’s also set aside the fact that regardless of all Trump’s crimes, specifically in Yemen, Iran and Venezuela, and his capitulation to ‘Israel’ on many matters, he clearly has an isolationist streak and is attempting to act on it by putting a US withdrawal from Syria in motion as well as a draw-down in Afghanistan. Hence the pushback he’s receiving from the entire neocon warmongering machine. If Trump ACTUALLY gets impeached, the fanatical “Christian” Zionist Mike Pence will take his place and move forward with policies on the Islamicate, Africa, Ukraine and the Korean Peninsula that can accurately be described as catastrophic. That anyone would think of supplanting the Orange Oaf with THIS, is, for a deliberate lack of a more eloquent phrase… Batshit crazy.

On that note, talk of “impeaching” Trump isn’t “hardcore”. Nor “edgy”. Nor “brave”. It’s integral to the entire Democratic discourse, fueled by the Zionists who control the more liberal channels of the mainstream press. It’s a central pillar of Russigate, which the Yahoudling-dominated media has used to deflect attention off ‘Israel’ from day one. By stating what she stated, irrespective of the “spice” of the cussing, Tlaib simply solidified how much of an establishment tool she is. Another native informant completely in line with the ongoing strategy of the Empire to give more and more minorities – Muslims particularly – a seat at the table of hegemony so they don’t get too “radical” and find themselves on the side, both morally and politically, of the Resistance Axis. No Democrat, especially Brown and Black Democrats, for example, would have said “impeach that motherf&%&%r!” about Obama, despite the fact that this war criminal weaponized the Takfiri scourge across the Maghreb and Mashreq while laying waste to Libya, Syria and Yemen in the process. He oversaw two Zionist wars on Gaza too. In their eyes, such savagery gets a pass. And even with Trump, the drive to impeach him isn’t about his own Obama-like excesses and his services to the Empire, but because he’s a bigot, a misogynist and a “slave of Putin”. It’s a terribly brain-bending, intellect-shrinking scam.

If Tlaib really was… Hardcore… Edgy… And most of all, brave… She’d say “Death to ‘Israel’!” Because the end of the Tumor putrefying her homeland and the whole of our region is the only TRUE way to TRUE salaam–not a “one state solution” or a “two state solution”, both of which grant usurping, invading terrorists the same rights as the indigenous. Coupled with that truth, as an American and a Michigan resident at that, she should want to take the 13 billion dollars a year sent to ‘Israel’ – between military aid, loan guarantees and congressional pork, as per the revelations of Zionist Lobby gun-for-hire Martin Indyk over 20 years ago – and give that back to the US, chiefly the people of Flint who are still without clean water. Keeping that in mind, she’d also scream out from the rooftops, maybe with some swearing too, that “Zion Did 9/11!” After all, 9/11 not only gave birth to the Orwellian Global War On Terror (GWOT) and the “New Middle East” project of ‘Israel’ and its neocon auxiliaries, setting the entire world on fire and falsely pitting Islam and Christianity – in other words, the sons of Christ (A.S.) – at each other’s throats, it also gave the artificial Zionist regime the cover it needed to launch its campaign of barbarity against the Palestinian people – HER people – during the Second Intifada. 9/11 is the litmus test for all legitimate truth-seekers and defenders of humanity. Speak up on it and we know you’re real deal Holyfield. Ignore it or duck it and we know some Shlomo somewhere foots your bill.

End of the day, Tlaib is what my dear sister and teacher, the Palestinian luminary Nahida Izzat, calls a “Kosher Palestinian“–a moniker that can be extended to Kosher Arabs, Kosher Muslims, Kosher Christians and Kosher Gentiles generally. We’re talking about the cream of the Shabbos Goy crop– those who are most oppressed by Global Zionism but still serve it loyally and unabashedly. House Arabs and House Muslims par excellence. She serves not the Palestinian cause nor the American people (as brainwashed and far-gone as the overwhelming majority may be) but Dajjal. Beware those who claim to speak in the name of Islam and swear they’re agents of justice when in fact they are doing damage to Islam for they are agents of Islam’s greatest enemy. “Impeach that motherf%&%&r!” she says. Hilarious, we retort. “Death to ‘Israel’!” and “Zion Did 9/11!” we scream. And to hell with the Rashida Tlaibs, Ilhan Omars and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes of this vomit-inducing excuse for a “resistance”, along with their equally puke-triggering, Zionized identity politics. They’re the very LAST thing the Moustazafeen need as the struggle for liberation from the Zionist Imperium rages on.

17 thoughts on “If House Arab Rashida Tlaib Was Brave, She’d Say “Death To ‘Israel’!” and “Zion Did 9/11”, Not “Impeach That Motherf****r!””

    1. Salaam brother Wali,

      I’ve had some personal matters to contend with on the one hand and another album I was knee deep in on the other. Back to writing full-time again now though!! Alhamdulillah!

  1. I applaud you good man! I am spreading this as far as I can. She is absolutely a Israeli parasite operative. Some could see thru that thinly veiled deception, while others can not or refuse too. Great information. Let the unveiling begin.

    1. Just a simple observation: When I first saw her on the news, and acting all anti-Semitic, I didn’t believe her because she wears the Jewish signature eye glasses.

  2. Fake muslims. This woman Rashida !,
    Sending love and Salaam from my home to yours My Brother Jonathan Azazia.
    From Najwha Domingo.

  3. Putin, Trump, and may others make fealty to Israel in so many ways; Trump was in debt the the Jewish bankers? Adelson was the prime financier of Trumps campaign; Says he will always stand by Israel without a flinch. Trump hasn’t come out with even the slightest negative statement about Israel. We tolerate a lot in the name of these people. Maybe she is the proverbial Trojan horse, maybe not. We shall see. I’m sure the usual suspects know the game of conquer and divide quite well, so we should be mindful. Just the fact Palestinians are becoming more empowered on the world stage is a positive sign in and of itself. It is a sure sign they simply can no longer, one way or another, be ignored as they have been for so long now,

    1. Brother T. You already know that I don’t engage in “maybes”. Things either ARE or they ARE NOT. In the case of Mrs. Tlaib, as the evidence presented in the piece shows, she IS INDEED a tool of Organized Jewish Interests. Follow the cheese and you’ll find the rat. Anybody whose career was made by Shlomo isn’t to be trusted. As Nashid Abdul Khaaliq (R.A.) liked to remind me often, “Liberation does not and cannot come from an unclean hand.” Identity politics is a toxic Judaic construct and needs to be resisted at all costs. As for Trump, there are vicious, justified and truthful criticisms of him all over Mouqawamah Music and you know that very well. However, just as we acknowledge that Saudi Arabia, while evil and deserving of being overthrown, isn’t responsible for 9/11… ‘Israel’ is… we must point out that no doubt Trump has blood on his hands and is responsible for a great deal of ugliness, but there’s something even uglier gnawing at his presidency. This is about the power dynamics of the Dajjalic system. “Contradictions in the ruling class” as Marxists call it. Every American leader has to contend with it. Doesn’t make them good. Quite to the contrary actually. But in the spirit of truthfulness, exposing all the players and all the machinations is a must. And make no mistake… Tlaib… was made by the Yahoud. And criticizing her doesn’t make one a supporter of Trump and vice versa. The entire American regime is rotten–from executive to legislative to judicial. As for Putin, that’s another conversation for another time. One beyond the scope of this piece and irrelevant to it as well.

      1. Putin is as relevant as is any, at least on a symbolic level, in his diplomatic connections and pursuits in the occupied territories in meeting with the synagogue of Satan, but I also understand the roll Russia has played in preventing “greater Israel”, despite their prime national interest being their own sovereign mother Russia and a stable middle east free of war. Brother, Israel has no greater friend than Trump, never has and may never will again. I always considered Nasrallah’s opinion on the guy’s plan before some western boy, like myself and others. “Trump has blood on his hands and is responsible for a great deal of ugliness, but there’s something even uglier gnawing at his presidency.” You could say the same thing about this Palestinian woman, there is something much worse going on in the halls of American Politics than a Palestinian being elected to congress, even if she’s weak and seeks peace for both sides, thats still infinitely better than what Trump has in store. “When you wage your war, think of others, do not forget those who seek peace.” Well that something gnawing at his presidency would first and foremost, be Trump as evident since the previous election and for example, his bombing of Syria… if he cannot find it within himself to defend his own nation and kick out the sob’s America allowed in there, then what make of the most powerful nation on earth? Both are just as horrible, it seems Trump wants to prove, yet again this time in Iran.

        Trump was financed by the Rothschilds & Netanyahus prime financier as well. I have not seen any of your pieces on Trump on your website that I can recall but I do remember seeing one on Facebook which I agreed with entirely. Because some divisive Infiltrator house arab supports Trump doesn’t mean we should support every other shit bag that comes along… [im just playing the divisive game symbolically in hopes it will be understood and resolved in a better hegalian dialectic way]. I took Nasrallah’s & Palestines opinion above anyone elses when it came to Trumps peace deal.

        I hope Hezbollah and Iran considers the possibility that Mossad was responsible for Sadr’s disappearance. Hitler came in to power on the back of whatever system was previously installed before revolutionizing and changing things for the better.

        I suspect Trumps pulling of troops from Afghanistan had a lot to do with the fact he revoked government oversight and regulation of weapons sales from America to other nations, so blackops are less necessary when it comes to arming terrorists and other groups around the world. His moves in Syria were nice sounding but not good enough and he is not doing enough to make it happen and people are not putting enough pressure on him, they keep egging him on, and thats not how you change someones mind.

        After this whole Scump whirlwind I basically have come to the conclusion that any good is welcome anywhere it may rear its head no matter who it comes from or where, that includes Netanyahus cancellation of bulldozing the Bedouin village and cease fire agreement with Hamas. Any bad where bad is should be condemned outright. I think your article doesn’t take into unity account the mass of Palestinians who will support her just for the fact she is Palestinian. I still feel like nuking Israel is still a great option, given they have no mercy for anyone anywhere else. Ahed and Janna want peace, those who seek peace I admire and respect as much as those who seek violent opposition, they keep me grounded, and sometimes pulling a rare Netanyahu on others, aka lets not bulldoze. “Think of others.” Just seen Janna Jihads interview with RASHIDA, who says she wants peace for both sides, and also says ultimately she is American and it is not her choice, but ultimately up to Palestinian people to decide their own future. I can’t disagree with that. Not sure what her stance is on Syrian President Assad, but I hope she has seen the light! Took me a while to hear this but Kens BBC Mavi Marmara interview speaks of accepting Israels right to exist, if Israel is willing to accept Hamas and give equal rights to Palestinians.


        I am amazed how far some people went to smear me because I didn’t accept their second coming Jew president unconditionally. I think Scumps going to be served an arrest warrant on some bogus or possibly real conviction, run from America, and seek refuge in Scump Heights for a front row seat of Armageddon.

        Here is a brief timeline;

        21 Jul, 2019 15:08 And now ‘apologize to Israel’: Trump in new rant on ‘weak, insecure’ Omar, Tlaib & co.

        12 Jul, 2019 02:11 ‘US$ is the only real currency!’ Trump demands banking regulation of bitcoin, Facebook’s Libra

        Fri Jun 21, 2019 Trump approves strikes against Iran, then abruptly pulls back: NY Times

        19 Jun, 2019 Guns as religion: Trump’s envoy calls for armed guards at synagogues & Jewish schools

        Trump Thanks Netanyahu for Naming New Illegal Settlement in Golan Heights After Him

        16 Jun, 2019 Netanyahu opens “Trump Heights” – a non-existent settlement in illegally-occupied Golan

        June 15, 2019 More Jews Agree That President Trump Is a ‘Rock Star’ ~ Rabbi Tuly Weisz

        14.06.2019 Trump Accuses Iran of Committing Attack on Oil Tankers in Gulf of Oman

        14 Jun, 2019 Russia’s foreign ministry described Trump’s decision for more troop deployment in Poland as a betrayal of Russia’s core agreement with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1997.

        6 Jun, 2019 Trump threatens to expand tariffs on China by ANOTHER $300 billion

        5 Jun, 2019 Trump Calls Iran “Terrorist Nation Number One”, Doesn’t Rule Out Military Option

        Trump Sells Weapons To Saudi’s Against Congress’s Will

        Trump signs ‘nice’ on fake map of Israel gifted to Netanyahu

        Mass exodus of US firms from China amid trade war won’t mean they’ll be coming home, survey shows https://www.rt.com/business/459982-us-firms-exodus-china-east/

        ‘Stupid economics’: Attack on Huawei tells world to avoid doing business with US – Prof. Wolff

        Trump plans to pardon soldiers accused or convicted of war crimes: Report

        May 12 2019 Site in Syria’s Golan Heights named after Trump

        May 11 2019, Trump blames Bolton for Venezuelan coup failure

        May 08 2019, Trump’s “Deal of the Century” Will Use Sanctions, Military Threats to Force Palestinian Acceptance

        May 08 2019, New Iran sanctions: Trump threatens anyone trading aluminum, iron, steel & copper

        May 07 2019, ‘War criminal’: Outrage as Trump pardons former US soldier who killed Iraqi prisoner

        Trump aide sparks fury for tweeting 4yo video from Ukraine & presenting it as CURRENT Hamas strikes

        06.05.2019 Trump promises Gazan people ‘more misery’ if ‘terrorist acts against Israel’ continue

        06.05.2019 US President Trump Says ‘100 Percent’ Supports Israeli Actions in Gaza Strip

        2 May, 2019 19:01 Senate votes to uphold Trump veto on ending US support for Saudi-led war in Yemen

        May 1 2019 “The Public means the Enemy” – Donald J. Trump

        01 May, 2019 Trump Threatens ‘Full and Complete’ Embargo on Cuba Amid Venezuela Crisis

        26 Apr, 2019 16:51 Trump announces US withdrawing from UN Arms Trade Treaty

        23 Apr, 2019 Israeli PM Netanyahu’s plan to name Golan town after Trump ridiculed online

        Mon Apr 22, 2019 Netanyahu ordered Trump to end sanctions waivers on Iranian oil: Analyst

        2019-04-17 Trump vetoes resolution on ending US involvement in Yemen war

        Trump designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as terrorist organization – Trump

        Trump says you cannot investigate America or Israel at the ICC

        Trump calls Omar’s statements ‘anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and ungrateful’

        Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar says she has received an influx of death threats since President Donald Trump shared an edited video on Twitter that featured images of the 9/11 terrorist attack with Omar’s comments spliced in between.

        Trump called for recognizing Occupied Golan as Israeli on March 21 and officially signed it on March 25. The Special Counsel’s office concluded its investigation and submitted the final report on March 22, 2019; And by the way Mueller named Israel as the foreign colluding power, not Russia: https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2017/12/04/mueller-names-trump-foreign-colluding-power-israel.html

        March 27, 2019 Trump tells Russia to ‘get out’ of Venezuela

        19 Feb 2019 Venezuela: Trump calls for Maduro to resign

        Trump said in his 2000 book, “The America We Deserve,”

        “I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers.”

        “One day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan. He escapes back under some rock, and a few news cycles later it’s on to a new enemy and new crisis”

        He knew the fall guy & the countries that would be bombed more than a year before it took place.

  4. I donated via GoFundme but I don’t see any archive contact there. Is there some problem. I just wanted to support and listen to the TUT archive shows.

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