How A UAE Warship Was Sunk And Why Mighty Ansarullah Dominates The High Seas

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Mighty Moujahideen of Ansarullah are truly what legends are made of. That they have achieved all that they’ve achieved militarily in spite of total Saudi-US-UK-‘Israeli’ war on their nation is beyond remarkable; beyond stellar; beyond breathtaking; and beyond spectacular. It’s otherworldly! And their latest achievement, the sinking of an HSV-2 warship of the Najdi-Wahhabi, artificial, British-created United “Arab” Emirates, is a reminder of just how much of a phenomenon that they are. Just picture the scenario: The UAE invader vessel had departed Aden, the only city controlled by the Saudi-led aggressors, and then brazenly, not to mention illegally, crossed into the waters of Al-Moukha, a strategic port city in Ta’iz.

Al-Moukha mind you is integral to understanding how the genocidal onslaught on Yemen began, as it overlooks vital waterway Bab el-Mandeb and it was only 24 hours after the Houthis’ liberation of this region that Al-Saud launched its assault over a year and a half ago. Needless to say, the Takfiri Kingdom of Darkness and its dictatorial partners have long desired to occupy Al-Mouka as a means of serving ‘Israel’ firstly, for the cancerous tumor sees it as a potential unhindered route that the supporters of the Palestinian Resistance could use for arms-smuggling, as well as a means of deepening the occupation of Yemen secondly. But back to the matter at hand! So the very moment that the UAE incursion happened, Ansarullah’s intelligence operatives, using radar systems which are far more advanced than the American regime and its Saudi stooges are aware of, picked up the breach and passed the good word along to their brethren in the Missile Units. Subsequently, without any hesitation whatsoever, Qaher-1s and Zelzal-3s began raining down on the hostile ship before a C802 Cruise Missile is fired, scoring a direct hit, sinking the ship and sending roughly 100+ Emirati naval invaders to Jahannam.

And this is where it gets juicy ’cause it’s here where the Zionist-GCC propaganda machine kicked into high gear. As the vessel and the crew began their transformation into Red Sea fish food, Saudi and Emirati media initially blasted Ansarullah for “fabrications” and said that the ship had sunk merely due to “technical malfunctions”. But those ever-clever, ever-resilient Mighty Mouujahideen of Ansarullah, taking a page RIGHT out of the book of Hizbullah’s Military Media Unit, had filmed the operation and their footage showed, unequivocally and rather gorgeously I might add, that their projectiles brought the invader ship to a fiery end. The Wahhabi tyrants’ press outlets then had to change their hasbara and said, basically, “Yeah. Okay. Your missiles hit us you damn Rafidah, but it wasn’t a warship! It was actually a humanitarian aid ship!” Above and beyond the obvious notation which needs to be made that in the Saudi-Emirati lexicon, “humanitarian aid”, as seen in Syria and Iraq, usually means MANPADs, Grad rockets, TOW missiles and other goodies delivered to Takfiri terrorist filth, this narrative shift is as nonsensical as you’re going to get. Centrally because this allegedly “humanitarian” vessel was shelling the residential areas of southern Tai’z prior to crossing over into Al-Moukha AND just before getting struck with the C802!

Crumbling the Saudi-UAE hogwash a bit more, not only are ALL ACTUAL humanitarian aid deliveries coordinated between the legitimate ruling authority of Yemen, i.e. Ansarullah, and the UN through transit points in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa as well as Ta’iz City, among other places, and thus would not be sent to a region as dangerous as Al-Moukha, but the UAE hasn’t even been anywhere near Yemen since June! Why is that the case you ask?! Because the Yemeni Islamic Resistance drove them out during Ramadan after multiple missile operations and surprise assaults, in Ma’rib particularly, left scores of Emirati occupiers dead and brought the overall casualty count to over 1,000 obliterated Emirati invaders since March 2015. Which begs the question of course: What were the Emiratis, beaten to a pulp, defeated and ghost from Yemen for four months, doing in Al-Moukha’s waters (other than committing crimes against humanity on Yemeni civilians that is)? They weren’t delivering medicine, cookies, puppy dogs for emotionally traumatized Yemeni children, blankets and clothes, that’s for sure! And the condemnation of Ansarullah’s counterattack by the deceptive American ZOG, which has been avoiding any direct comments on Yemen as it is trying to distance itself from Saudi Arabia’s top-to-bottom, utterly catastrophic geostrategic meltdown, is further evidence that there is something tremendously fishy–as in, dead Emirati invaders being chomped on by the aforementioned Red Sea fish, so yes, the pun is intended–going on.

In total, the Houthiyeen have sent 12 Saudi-led coalition warships to the bottom of the ocean, 11 of which belonged to the Saudi regime and the other was the property of the putrid, collaborationist, despotic, anti-Palestinian, anti-Yemeni Egyptian regime of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Every one was hit in the vicinity of Bab el-Mandeb. Every one had been bombarding Yemeni civilians prior to getting leveled. However, while handfuls of Saudi gunboats get blown to bits by Ansarullah’s Missile Unit from time to time, there hasn’t been a Saudi warship anywhere near the aforementioned imperative waterway since Spring. Al-Saud, after losing so many ships and naval officers, has been deathly afraid to even go within a nautical mile of the Strait.

The Houthis on the other hand, as reported by Al-Manar, Fars News, Al-Mayadeen, Al-Masdar and of course, their own Al-Masirah, have been taking routine tours of Bab el-Mandeb, thumbing their noses at Riyadh, displaying their dominance of Yemen’s high seas and reaffirming their categorical thrashing of the Saudi-Wahhabi enemy on the naval front. Thus we ask again: What was the Emirati HSV-2 doing in Yemeni waters? Answer should be elucidated now: Following Saudi-American orders and ill-advisedly checking to see if Ansarullah’s readiness, capabilities and control of the region was still an established battlefield reality. Judging by the annihilated vessel and the scorched occupiers, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Washington and “Tel Aviv” damn sure know now that it absolutely is!

Emirati invader ship detected and walloped? Check. Saudi-Emirati-American devil-speak about the true nature of the vessel and its “mission” brilliantly exposed? Check. ‘Israelis’ and GCC “royals” shaking their in boots over just how powerful the Yemeni Islamic Resistance is? Check, check and check. Just like the ground belongs to Ansarullah, so does the ocean. Add it to the seemingly never-ending list of reasons that the Houthis kick ass, take names and look flyer than fly can be as they leave us smiling ear-to-ear and astonished over their resistance, steadfastness and heroism. #LongLiveAnsarullah #LongLiveYemen #DeathToTheUAE #DeathToSaud

One thought on “How A UAE Warship Was Sunk And Why Mighty Ansarullah Dominates The High Seas”

  1. Thanks Jonathon
    Very encouraging and rather informative update of the fluid dynamic,s of the explosive crisis in Yemen raging ..almost unreported. in arguably much more savegry and aggression with impunity than the conflict in Syria currently . as Syrian and allied efforts to restore peace , have had to be restaint etc. which the ‘wannahibi’ invaders exploit.but also cannot pentrate so it is
    ‘battles of attrition’ however the state hardware. naval vessals, AF operations and mechanized units invading Yemen with total impunity (virtually unreported ) as well as the unrestraint do or die Epic resistance by Yemen (eqaully ignored and unreported .), make this a currently much fiercer concentration of intense conflict, :/..
    your dilligent solidarity and reports from Yemen are regually sort :). cheers .

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