Houthis seize US Marines’ weaponry and vehicles

Yemen’s Houthi rebels seized weapons from U.S. Marines as well as several vehicles used by Americans stationed at the now-closed U.S. Embassy in Sana’a.

It wasn’t immediately clear what types of weapons and vehicles were seized.

An unidentified Sana’a airport official confirmed that the rebel forces took control of the U.S. Embassy vehicles, which were parked at the airport, United Press International reported. The same official also said that the Houthi rebels seized several weapons used by U.S. Marines who were trying to abide by a White House order and leave the country.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a widely reported statement: “The Department of State has decided to suspend our embassy operations and our embassy staff have been temporarily relocated out of Sana’a. Recent unilateral actions disrupted the political transition process in Yemen, creating the risk that renewed violence would threaten Yemenis and the diplomatic community in Sana’a.”

British and French embassies have been temporarily closed, with Germany, perhaps, not far behind.

Houthi rebels are tied to Iran and regard Americans as enemies.

Source: Mareeg Media/The Washington Times

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