Horror In Yemen: Saudi Invaders’ Siege Prevents 7-Year Old Mayasa From Getting Cancer Treatment

by Jonathan Azaziah

This is 7-year old Yemeni girl Mayasa from Sanaa, one of Saudi Arabia’s tens of millions of siege victims. This angel has three carcinomas, one in her left eye, one in her stomach and one in her brain. The optical tumor has been removed thanks to support from a local Yemeni activist group, Your Abilities Organization For Development, which worked around-the-clock to get her the funds needed for surgery. Two malignant growths remain and Mayasa’s condition is worsening because of–yes, you guessed it–the Saudi siege, which either made the medicines necessary to treat her (and keep her with some semblance of comfort before the surgeries) too expensive to obtain or totally obsolete.

The Saudi-led coalition of murderous tyrants continues bombing hospitals, clinics and pharmacies across Yemen, making it just about impossible for patients like Mayasa to get the care that they need. On top of the lack of medication, and to add literal insult to injury, this little darling is also severely malnourished, with the Saudi siege being the reason for her suffering yet again. And as if things weren’t unspeakably brutal enough already, the precious child’s family is living in a tent with her family on the Yemeni capital’s streets because Saudi air strikes destroyed their home. Tragedy exemplified and personified.

Saudi Arabia is the spawn of Satan, this isn’t up for discussion, let alone debate. But the key word here is “spawn”. Where did Al-Saud come from and who backs its genocidal war on the Yemeni people today? The answer of course is the British regime, the American ZOG and every other major state in NATO. Turkey just airdropped hundreds of terrorists into Yemen from Aleppo last week. London, Washington, Paris, Ottawa and Berlin have sold hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons to the Wahhabi tyrants since the Mossad-orchestrated 9/11 attacks alone. And the US and UK in particular have military officials in Al-Saud’s command centers, are refueling Saudi-Emirati-Qatari warplanes and have routinely participated directly in the air raids on Yemeni civilians. These criminals are the enforcers and executors of the all-out, land, air and sea blockade Saudi Arabia has imposed on Yemen. It’s been said once but will be said with roaring repetition ’till it’s drilled into the world’s collective noggin: Beyond mere complicity, Western powers, the Neo-Ottoman regime in Ankara and the Zionist entity–which is the architect of the onslaught against Yemen–are partners in this grand crime against humanity. Thus, Mayasa’s agonizing condition falls not only on the satanic crowns of the Saudi “royals”, but the Zio-Imperialists who placed the crowns on their accursed heads to begin with.

Mayasa needs all the support she can get, as does every part of Yemen along with its gorgeous, peaceful, resistant people. What makes the tragedy of this lovely young one so terribly gut-wrenching is that her life hasn’t even started. She’s too small to have even formulated any hopes and dreams, too innocent to know the bitterness and pain of disappointment and too beautiful to know the ugliness of humanity’s dark side. And yet, her hopes and dreams have already been shattered; her innocence has already been stolen; in her minuscule 7 years on this planet, she has enough pain, bitterness and disappointment to last 100 lifetimes; and she is permanently scarred from the darkness inflicted on her by the Saudi-US-UK-Zionist aggression.

It’s imperative to tell Mayasa’s story since the Western-GCC media damn sure isn’t going to do it and “The Ummah” doesn’t give anything close to a damn either. It’s imperative because people of conscience the world over should know. And they should know so they can help. Therefore it falls to us, Yemen’s friends, allies and defenders on the digital, political and social battlefields. In the mean time, we pray with every fiber of our beings and every drop of luminosity in our spirits that she gets the surgeries she needs to remove the two remaining tumors in her stomach and brain. It also goes without saying that we pray, sincerely and furiously, for death to come to her tormentors, that guild of degenerates known as Al-Saud, NOW. And not just now, but RIGHT THE HELL NOW. The end of the demonic Saudi regime cannot come soon enough. In the name of Mayasa, all of Yemen’s children, all of Yemen’s starving and all of Yemen’s martyrs, “DEATH TO AL-SAUD!” is most certainly the only way.

Some would say that the manner in which Mayasa is holding on in spite of her illness is beyond human comprehension. But those who know and love Yemen are aware that her tenacious will to keep going emanates from that one-of-a-kind Yemeni resilience and zest for life. No doubt that her story makes it hard to breathe and fills the tear ducts up to the brim. Located beneath that plethora of pain however is a triumph so poetic that it would make Abdallah al-Baradouni smile. A triple dose of cancer, an ‘Israeli’-NATO-backed siege starving her, air strikes all around her, and she fights on. Resistance exemplified and personified. Mayasa is a victim, yes. Mayasa is a survivor yes. But Mayasa, in all her fragility, is also a heroine. Truly. Humbled and in awe we should all be before her.

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