Hizbullah slams Rifi as a ‘burden on justice’

BEIRUT, The Daily Star: Hezbollah’s MP Nawwaf Musawi Sunday slammed Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi’s comments that called for raiding Hezbollah’s warehouses, accusing him of becoming a burden rather than a minister for justice.

“Who envisages justice should be a minister of it, and not a burden on it,” Musawi said in a clear message to Rifi. “Such attempts to compare the weapons of the takfiri with the weapons of the resistance are wrongful attempts that have no link to justice.”

Rifi had made controversial comments Saturday, calling on the Army to raid Hezbollah’s warehouses in the southern suburbs of Beirut and other areas. He said the state should not discriminate by raiding the warehouses of Sunni militants in Tripoli while turning a blind eye to the Shiite party’s locations all over Lebanon.

Musawi’s speech, preceded by another from Hezbollah’s MP Ali Fayyad, formed the strongest response to Rifi, who made his comments yesterday after defending himself against accusations of sending money to the jihadists holding Lebanese soldiers and policemen captives.

“It is unfair to compare the men and jihadists of the resistance to the nationless murderers and criminals of the takfiri groups,” Musawi stressed in the speech he gave at an Ashoura ceremony at Marjayoun’s Mais al-Jabal village.

“There is a difference between a takfiri weapon killing Lebanese Army soldiers and innocent civilians and another whose carrier martyrs in defense of Lebanon and all the Lebanese.”

Musawi slammed Rifi’s mention of “equality and justice between the Lebanese,” and considered his comments as extortion against Hezbollah and its allies.

The Hezbollah official said that the attempts to picture the conflict as a battle between the takfiri ideology and that of Wilayat al-Fakih was for mere political interests.

“They are extorting the Lebanese by saying ‘if our will as moderates does not prevail you will be facing takfiris,’” he said, saying his political rivals’ strategy was clear and will backlash on them.

“If not for the blood of those martyr soldiers of Wilayat al-Fakih, the takfiris would have reached every Lebanese city and not only Tripoli and the north,” Musawi said. “So let those people stop their failed attempts, because no one buys them anymore.”

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