Hizbullah sheikhs in Christmas tour of South Lebanon churches

BEIRUT (The Daily Star): Hezbollah delegations toured several churches in southern Lebanon Thursday to wish Christians a merry Christmas.

The first delegation, headed by Sheikh Ahmad Mrad, arrived at the Greek Orthodox Church in Tyre at the start of their tour, where they offered Christmas greetings to Archimandrite Jack Khalil.

Next, the same delegation visited the Catholic Church. Bishop Michael Abrass thanked the delegation for the well-wishes offered by Hezbollah on Christmas.

“We hope this country would be blessed with more love, harmony and convergence in order to build a nation that expects a lot from us,” Mrad said.

The tour ended at the Maronite Cathedral of Our Lady of the Seas, where Bishop Shukrallah al-Haj thanked Hezbollah for its support “of this church and of this country where a display of Christian-Muslim unity is always seen during joint holidays.”

A second Hezbollah delegation headed by Sheikh Zeid Daher made a similar tour of churches in the southern port city of Sidon.

Daher also visited MP Michel Moussa, of Speaker Nabih Berri’s Development and Liberation bloc, at his residence in Maghdousheh, southeast of Sidon.

Later in day, Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc issued a statement “wishing the Lebanese in general and Christians in particular sincere blessings.”

The coalition expressed hope that the situation in Lebanon and the region would improve.

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