Hizbullah: Saudi-backed Future Movement Won’t Silence Us On Yemen

Hezbollah Media Relations issued on Wednesday a statement in which it considered that Future movement’s attachment to the Saudi leadership and its efforts to satisfy and desperately defend it will not make us remain silent over the aggression on Yemen.

The statement added that the regime of the Saud family is purchasing consciences, importing armies and soldiers, and sowing discord and divisions in order to fragment countries and murder innocents.

Asking whether Future movement is dissatisfied with Hezbollah rejection for the Saudi aggression on Yemen, the party  noted that the rhetoric of Future movement gives the impression that it supports the extermination operations and mass murders that are being committed by the Saudi aggression’s warplanes against innocent civilians.

Hezbollah stressed that regime of ignorance and murder in the Arabian Peninsula which is exporting terrorism, extremists and subversive ideologies cannot be put in an unjust comparison with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which the world has acknowledged as an advanced and developed state.

Iran has been accumulated numerous scientific and technical achievements and its Supreme leader is facing all the unjust states and supports the vulnerable people and the liberation movements across the world, according to the statement.

Source: Al-Manar

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