Hizbullah: New Iranian-supplied missiles can hit Israel with pinpoint accuracy

BEIRUT (The Daily Star) – New missiles provided by Iran have changed the equation in Hezbollah’s fight against Israel and has given the resistance an upper-hand, the party’s deputy head Naim Qassem said Sunday.

“Such issue [missiles] is a trump card in the equation of war between the resistance forces and the Israeli enemy,” Qassem told Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, which is known to be close to the Revolutionary Guard.

The comments came after news emerged that Tehran has equipped Hezbollah with a new grade of medium-range missiles, known as Fateh-class missiles.

An Iranian military commander earlier this month said the Fateh missiles “are able to attack all targets from southern to northern parts of the occupied territories.”

Qassem said that Israel is well aware of the fact that “Hezbollah possesses missiles with pinpoint accuracy.”

This enhanced arsenal, paired with Hezbollah’s readiness for any future war, would make a forthcoming confrontation “much tougher for Israelis,” he said.

According to Qassem, by supplying the missiles and providing Hezbollah with the necessary training on their construction and assembly, Iran has played a “fundamental and pivotal” role in boosting Hezbollah’s missile capabilities, Qassem said.

Improved missile capabilities however, do not only entail the quantity of Iranian missiles delivered to the resistance, but also includes the necessary items for missile launching and construction.

The deputy head noted that Iran has not only shipped missiles to Lebanon, but also trained Hezbollah’s forces in the preparation and launching of the projectiles.

Qassem dismissed reports that claim Iran’s missile power might pose a threat to regional Arab states.

The “unreasonable” claims, he said, overlook the fact that Iran’s arsenal benefits the region and contributes to regional security.

“Such missile capability supports, firstly, Iran’s government and Revolution, and secondly, serves the resistance in the face of the Israeli enemy and serves the regional governments as well,” he concluded.

Tehran has equipped Hezbollah with a new grade of medium-range missiles, known as Fateh-class missiles, an Iranian military commander has said.

Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Seyed Majid Moussavi told Qiam Sejjilha magazine earlier this month that Hezbollah had received the Fateh missiles.

“Based on what has been announced so far, their operational missile capability includes a fully vast, but of course hidden, [number and type of] Fateh class missiles, and this missile capability can be used and has been organized,” Moussavi said.

Moussavi also said that the late-commander and head of the IRGC Missile Research Center, Major General Tehrani Moqaddam, supported and helped Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance groups to develop missile capabilities.

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