Hizbullah MP Nawwaf Musawi: Iran arms offer to Lebanon would deter Israel

BEIRUT (The Daily Star) – Hezbollah MP Nawwaf Musawi Monday called for diversifying the sources of arms for the Lebanese Army by accepting an Iranian offer to provide Lebanon with advanced weapons to deter Israel and confront Takfiris.

“We welcome any weapons aimed at boosting the army’s capacities in confronting the dangers eyeing Lebanon, including takfiri terrorism, and call for keeping the Iranian donation on the table and under consideration,” Musawi said at a ceremony in commemoration of the party’s fallen fighters.

He argued that the United States and European countries will refrain from supplying Lebanon with effective arms that might pose a threat to their ally Israel, or lead to a balance of power between the neighbors.

“The Army should be (properly) equipped to be able to carry out its national mission,” Musawi said, calling on the government to agree on accepting the Iranian arms donation.

“At least two reasons dictate accepting the donations. One is the need to diversify the sources of weapons and avoid being stuck with one international (supply) party. And second, because no other country aside from Iran is willing to offer (Lebanon) quality and effective weapons capable of defeating Israel,” Musawi added.

The Hezbollah lawmaker assured that the party’s armed resistance wing is stronger than ever, rebuffing insinuations that it was being undermined by the fighting on the regime side in Syria’s more than 3-year-long war.

“Those who are betting to see the resistance being weakened and undermined with time, should have a look at its history since 1982. After all these years, the resistance is today stronger and more determined than it was before,” Musawi said.

Hezbollah has been fighting alongside Syrian government forces for almost two years, citing the danger of rampant Takfiri extremism on Lebanon. There is no official count of Hezbollah casualties in the Syrian war, but estimates put the number at several hundred between dead and wounded.

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