Heroic Palestinian stabs 2 Israeli occupiers in Al-Quds

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian suspect on Friday stabbed two Israeli border policemen in East Jerusalem’s Old City, police said.

One officer, 19, was stabbed in the neck and the other, 35, in the hand near the Lions Gate.

The suspect fled the area and police are currently investigating the incident. Checkpoints were set up in the Old City and nearby areas following the attack.

The suspect allegedly attacked the officers after leaving morning prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

East Jerusalem, including the Old City, was occupied by Israeli military forces in 1967.

Ramallah-based web site Paldf released a video of the incident.

One thought on “Heroic Palestinian stabs 2 Israeli occupiers in Al-Quds”

  1. Here’s what I find interesting:
    “Israeli” beasts attack and kill Palestinian civilians, often (nearly always, especially in Gaza), and then call them, ‘terrorists”. Palestinians; amazingly, tend to prove themselves filled with restraint, as they (only) have a go at the uniformed freaks of, “zion”. One rarely hears of a civilian-occupier/settler being killed or even injured by Palestinians (esp Gazans, which I guess makes sense..) Yet the monster of the mid-east drones on and on about how the indigenous people are, “terrorists”. Palestinians, particularly Hamas, prove, by being extremely selective in whom it is they go at, that their actions are far from being terroristic.
    On the other hand…, the lunatic-state IS a terrorist entity,and they prove this daily. The rhetoric out of the jewish-state would lead one to believe quite the opposite.

    Time to wake-up the whole flippin’ world to the facts, “on the ground”! Israhell is a terrorist state.

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