Hasbara Be Damned, Russia Delivers S-300 To Iran

by Jonathan Azaziah

Just last month, the entirety of ‘Israeli’ media, using the Kuwaiti tyrant’s Al-Jarida–one of Mossad’s favorite “Arab” papers to plant a story in–as the ‘source’, was awash in reports dipped in ecstasy about the artificial “Tel Aviv” regime getting Russia to freeze the delivery of the S-300 to Iran because the Islamic Republic had given SA-22 surface-to-air missiles to Hizbullah. The Russophobic, Putin-hating elements within our camp were even happier than the occupiers of Palestine themselves, citing the hasbara as ‘proof’ that the Russian prez was an ‘agent’ of ‘Israel’ and its NWO and the ‘truth’ could no longer be denied.

This hysteria was no different than the anti-Russian backlash spat by these very same dingbats when legendary Hizbullah Commander Samir al-Quntar, the Dean of Liberated Detainees from ‘Israeli’ Prisons, was assassinated, as if the guilty party was the Russian Federation and not the yellowbelly Jewish supremacist assassins who actually fired the missiles from non-Syrian airspace as well as the traitorous Takfiris who gave their “chosenite” masters the intel to carry out the op. It’s beyond comprehension really that the Zionist entity’s press is distrusted on EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IT EVER PRINTS, but when it comes to the Russian-Iranian S-300 deal, it somehow morphs into the apogee of journalistic ethnics and veracity.

Needless to say, Russia and Iran never even bothered to comment on the Zioganda because it was too ridiculous to waste any time on. Any honest, truly objective observer could see that the false reports were merely part of the ongoing psychological warfare campaign that the Zionist enemy has been waging against Iran, Russia and most especially Hizbullah for years now, not to mention part of International Zionism’s ultimate goal of creating an irreconcilable schism between Islam and Orthodox Christianity.

Well… guess what Putin-haters and Russophobes? The first batch of that too-fly air defense system arrived in Tehran this morning, much to the chagrin of the Anglo-Zionist Empire and its minions. Bet y’all ain’t got a damn thing to say now… And if you do, you’re only humiliating yourselves into oblivion even further than you did in the first place. Russia and Iran are in the same trench against the monsters, it’s time for y’all to wake the hell up and smell the rosewater cookies.

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