Haifa, Occupied Palestine: Jewish Terrorist Murders 16-Year Old Palestinian Girl Nada Adbach As She Returns Home From Iftar

by Jonathan Azaziah

There will be no end to Zion’s crimes until the crime of Zion ends. Earlier on tonight, 16-year old Palestinian girl Nada Adbach was laid to rest in the occupied city of Haifa in the ’48 Lands. Why was this beautiful, sweet and innocent child put in the ground before she could achieve her dreams, travel the stars or start a family? Because a 65-year old Jewish terrorist deliberately, brutally and hatefully ran her over with his car 48 hours ago as she was returning home after eating Iftar with her friends. Remember, this did not occur in the occupied West Bank, occupied Al-Quds or besieged Gaza, i.e. what the UN, the OIC and other worthless, Zionist-controlled global bodies would call “conflict zones”. This happened in Haifa. The place where liberal Zionist and collaborationist Arab “coexistence” wet dreams come true. The place where hipster coffee shops, edgy vegan restaurants and degenerate homosexual bars have become the norm. The New York Times, owned by the globe-holding, Jewish-Zionist Sulzberger family, put out a disturbing piece of hasbara last year entitled, “In ‘Israeli’ City of Haifa, a Liberal Arab Culture Blossoms”, heaping praise on the “self-consciously Arab milieu that is secular, feminist and gay-friendly.” Vomit. Just vomit. For all of this delusional, Jew-driven utopianism however, the murder of Nada Adbach is a surefire reminder of the ugly reality clawing away at the surface: Jew and Arab aren’t coexisting in occupied Haifa or anywhere else in the ’48 Lands, they’re barely getting by being uncomfortably packed together like sardines in a small can and they’re a (literal) stone throw’s away from a meltdown.

It doesn’t matter if the occupier is a old or young. A man or a woman. A religious Jew who wears his Halakhic-Talmudic supremacy on his sleeve, chanting, “Extinguish Amalek! The best of the Gentiles shall be killed!”, or a secular Jew who wears his commitment to Jewish domination of the “Middle East” (and the globe) neatly tucked away in a shroud of liberalism. They’re all the same. From the River to the Sea, every single ‘Israeli’ is a murderous, malevolent, maniacal settler fiend and an existential threat to the Palestinian people as well as our whole region. Only in New York Times editorials, Zionist-funded think tanks and Judeophilic “Palestine Solidarity Movement” conferences is “peace” with these demons in human form a viable option. It simply doesn’t compute in the real world. Tell Nada Adbach about “peace”! Go ahead and lecture Fatima Afif Abdur Rahman Hjeiji about “coexistence”! Swoon the Samouni family with lies about “one state with equal rights”! Ah! You can’t! Because ‘Israel’ ritualistically slaughtered them all dead! No. Enough of this cowardly chase of unicorns. You want a solution to the ‘Israeli’-Palestinian “question”? End Zion. And end Zion now. Send every last colonizer Jew to Birobidzhan, Antarctica or wherever, just get them the hell off the land that they stole. Yes, let’s repeat it slowly so it’s understood: Death… To… ‘Israel’… And… Only… Death… To… ‘Israel’. Anything and everything else is a guaranteed pine-box-warrant for Palestine and the entirety of the Arab-Islamic world. ALLAH yerhamek ya Nada! The struggle for liberation will continue fiercely in your memory.

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