Haaretz Publishes Captionless Cartoon Depicting “Israel” as Perpetrator of 9/11 Attacks

Editor’s Note

There is an obvious significance to this story that cannot and will not be revealed by Jewish or Western media. The captionless cartoon published in “Israeli” newspaper Haaretz unambiguously portrays Benjamin ‘Mileikowsky’ Netanyahu flying a jet marked “Israel” into the World Trade Center. The ostensible theme of the cartoon is Zionist butcher Mileikowsky’s ‘trashing of US-Israel relations’, a notion that is nonsensical to any person who understands the true nature of the US-“Israel” relationship – one of complete and total fawning and subservience – with US Congressmen and Presidents alike being literally selected by the Jewish lobby.

Verily, the astounding significance of this cartoon lays not with “US-Israel relations”, but with the Jewish false flag of 9/11 itself. It was Benjamin “Mileikowsky” (hailing from modern day Belarus, not Palestine) Netanyahu in 1987 who penned the book “Terrorism: How the West Can Win”; this butcher of Gaza was not only one of the key architects of the Mossad false flag of 9/11, but in fact one of the seminal authors of “War on Terror” mythology.

Is this cartoon a display of characteristic Zionist and Jewish arrogance, or simply an example of the unmitigated stupidity of a liberal Jewish journalist trying to make a tame and widely-known point in a provocative way?

The following was posted by Haaretz on October 30, 2014.

Haaretz panned for cartoon of Netanyahu as 9/11 pilot

Artist defends caricature showing PM flying plane into World Trade Center, says it represents his ‘disastrous’ handling of US-Israel relations

Hebrew daily Haaretz’s political cartoon on Thursday stirred controversy by depicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flying a plane into one of the World Trade Center towers attacked by al-Qaeda on September 11, 2001.

The cartoon, by the paper’s Amos Biderman, shows the prime minister flying a plane labeled “Israel” into the building, which is flying an American flag. There is no caption explaining the significance of the caricature.

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