Goal For 2019: Fight For Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) And Bring Humanity One Step Closer To A World Without ‘Israel’ and Dajjal

by Jonathan Azaziah

We’re living amidst Akhirul Zaman (end times/end of days). Whether you hear it from the enlightened Sunni perspective of Sheikh Imran Hosein or you zone in heavily to the unmistakably brilliant, esoteric, Anti-Parasitic Shi’a wisdom of Dr. Aliakbar Raefipour, among many other ‘ulema from multiple schools of thought well-versed in Islamic eschatology, the age we exist in at this very minute is the one just before the Arrivals – Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) and Isa al-Masih (A.S.) – re-emerge to lead us into the final war with the hegemonic system of Dajjal. This isn’t in doubt. The signs are all around us to solidify it. Men behaving like women. Women behaving like men. Homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism and other forms of degeneracy and deviance normalized, with the peak malevolence of pedophilia not too far away. The collapse in overall morality. Godlessness abound. Usury institutionalized. Rampant wars of aggression everywhere. Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and his Pure Household (A.S.) disregarded and disrespected. The application applies in the same manner to Jesus Christ (A.S.) and his Pure Mother Maryam (A.S.) We live not in a world of Taqwa. Of Islam. Rather, we live in a world of Shirk. Of Shaytan. Of Taghout.

Imam Ali, Amir al-Moumineen (A.S.), famously said that in Akhirul Zaman, Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) will have three names: Al-Sharid (he who is homeless); Al-Farid (he who is lonely); and Al-Tarid (he who has been rejected). In other words: We, as Muslims, as an Ummah, have failed the Imam. Not just miserably either but categorically. We’ve failed in such a gross and grandiose way and he is in such a state of displeasure with the Ummah that he is supposed to lead into a world governed by Absolute Justice, that he is now immersed in feelings of homelessness–because where he can go if not into the arms and hearts of the very people he’s supposed to direct to victory? Loneliness–because what can one be but alone when you’re abandoned by those you love so purely and massively, not to mention painfully disappointed in them too? And rejection–because what is there but embracement’s polar opposite when Muslims cast the commandment of Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) to know the Imam of their time and work towards implementing his righteous stratagem… Aside? Honestly and truly, what is there?

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A.S.) said that Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) would cry enough tears to eclipse all the bodies of water on Earth in Akhirul Zaman. Indeed, the Imam (A.S.) is crying such an overflow as increasing numbers of his sons and daughters will pray whilst failing to speak out on what matters most, like the tens of millions of innocents being starved to death by the US-Zionist-Saudi coalition of cowards in Yemen; or the fate of Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky in Nigeria, the saintly leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria who has now been locked up for more than 3 years by the despotic ‘Israeli’-owned regime of Muhammadu Buhari. Others will indeed elevate their voices even to screams, but have abandoned Salat and Qur’an for agendas set by the enemies of Islam to entrap unsuspecting youth with ideologies that lead nowhere but the realms of worldly gratification.

The former category have gone blind to the verses of the Holy Qur’an in which ALLAH (SWT) issues stark reminders to all believers that while those who pray, fast, give Zakat, etc. are indeed doing what is required of them, there nevertheless remains a great gap in the knowing and the unknowing; those who can see and those can’t see; those who strive in His (SWT) way and those who don’t; the fighters and the non-fighters. In every instance, it is those who are proactive in their Islam, notably defending orphans, enjoining good, forbidding evil and speaking words of Haqq to despots, that will be granted the most bounteous and merciful abundances of ALLAH (SWT). And there is nothing – physical or spiritual – more rewarding than the gift of Imam al-Mahdi’s (A.S.) reappearance.

Meanwhile, the latter group have lost sight of the fact that Ahmad al-Moustafa (S.A.W.W.) achieved not a single victory and performed not a single duty in the social, diplomatic and military spheres without precipitating each and every task with Salat and Muraqaba; that Imam Ali (A.S.) was murdered by the son of a Jewess Ibn Muljim (L.A.) as he was in soujoud; that Imam Hassan (A.S.) found strength in Salat and Salat alone as he strategically maneuvered around the treachery of Mouawiyah (L.A.); that Imam Hussein (A.S.) did not miss a single prayer even with the horrors of Ashoura unfolding all around him; that Salat is the core of Imam Zayn al-Abideen’s (A.S.) resistance; that Imam al-Mahdi’s (A.S.) very reign begins with Salat and Isa al-Masih (A.S.) resolutely and numinously praying behind him; and in contemporary history, that Imam Khomeini (R.A.) demolished multiple empires and tyrannies at once, rewriting global history and beginning the countdown to the toppling of the Dajjalic system as a whole, from the tranquility of his prayer rug.

The war we are fighting is as much as spiritual as it is anything else. More so even. The Jewish Power Matrix and its armies of Gentile collaborators have their “god”: it is Satan. They also have their books: the corrupted Torah, the Talmud, the Kabbalah, the Scofield Reference Bible for the “Christian” Zionists and a plethora of Freemasonic and occult literature that form the bedrocks of shaytanic secret society praxis. We have ours. Not “a” god. But THE God. The One God. The Sole Creator Of Everything Exalted By All From The Beginning. ALLAH (SWT). We also have a book. THE Book. The Holy Qur’an, preserved from distortion just as The One God Promised (Surat al-Hijr, Ayah 9). We also have the Sunnah of Rasoulallah (S.A.W.W.) and the authentic Ahadith as well as the golden words of Imam Ali (A.S.) in Nahjul Balagha and the emerald prayers of Imam Zayn al-Abideen (A.S.) in Al-Sahifat Al-Sajjadiyyah. ALLAH (SWT), the Messenger that He (SWT) sent to us as a Mercy For All The Worlds (S.A.W.W.), the Messenger’s Pure Household (A.S.) and those ‘ulema who exude the energy and understanding of all the righteousness mentioned herein, are sufficient to prevail over the perfidy before us.

We cannot prevail however with godlessness. Whether it is from the “Western” side or the “Eastern” side. As Shahid Dr. Ali Shariati (R.A.) said, “Isn’t Marxism really just the other side of the coin of Western capitalism?” The usurious fractional reserve banking system that is the beating, blackened heart of capitalism cannot be anything to the Islamicate but manacles around our necks. And the materialistic “dictatorship of the proletariat”–an Orwellian euphemism for an oligarchical, tyrannical set of “state” elites no different than the “corporate” elites found under a capitalist regime–championed by Marx, a man from a long line of Talmudic rabbis who was trained in the ways of “socialism” by the Jewish supremacist founder of modern Zionism, Rabbi Moses Hess, is an illusion that places love of this world above spiritual priorities. Both are incompatible with Islam and moreover, both are unnecessary and redundant, as Islam has governance and politics already embedded within its vast and practical confines.

So before you dare utter the words “3ajjal ALLAHU Ta3ala Farajah al-Sharif” after saying Imam al-Mahdi’s (A.S.) name, make damn sure you are striving and playing your part in facilitating that hastening because as of this moment, your declaration is as hollow and rotting as the thigh bones of a corpse. The thrill is gone, as the old Blues song goes. There is no feeling. Disappeared is the pristine intent. And with this ritualistic course of action, It becomes emptier than empty. For if you really want Al-Mousawwir (SWT) to FASHION the reappearance of Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.), you’d stop flailing around like a dying catfish on the deck of drunken fishermen and you’d do what every Nabi, Rasoul and Imam have done since time had first dawned: Stand up to the oppressors and raise your fist for the oppressed. And in this current epoch of Akhirul Zaman, we know that the Yazid (L.A.) and the Shimr (L.A.) of today are represented by Empire Zionica and its marionettes.

In 2019, as Officers of the Soft War, as Cadres of Cultural Combat, we should leave behind all the lost causes. Be it “Muslims” who have forgotten that Islam is living, breathing militancy and the unblemished methodology for both revolution and perfecting the human soul. Or be it discourses that are dictated by enemy infiltrators who would rather see us shackled by feelings of sympathy for history’s most cursed instead of our lands and peoples actually being freed. We know what needs to be done. So stop talking about it. And be about it. The following list of 10 Mouqawamist positions/actions are equal parts of the same goal in 2019: Making the climate ripe for the return of Imam az-Zaman (A.S.) and bringing humanity one step closer to a world without ‘Israel’ and Dajjal.

  1. Strive for the liberation of Palestine. Not part of Palestine. Not half of Palestine. Every square inch of Palestine. And that means a Palestine for indigenous Palestinians, regardless of their communal identification. It does NOT mean a Palestine for usurping, invading, raping, pillaging, murdering, criminal, ALIEN ‘Israelis’. It isn’t just “the regime”. It’s the whole psychotic collective. Every last occupier. They have to go. Doesn’t matter where–whether it happens to be their points of origin, or Birobidzhan, or some high-tech bubble prison-world at the bottom of the sea that will prevent them from harming anyone ever again. They just have to go. The settler-colonialists didn’t remain in Algeria. Nor Indonesia. Nor Mozambique. Nor Goa. Nor Egypt. They shouldn’t remain in Palestine either. Period. The death of ‘Israel’ will begin the rolling of the dominoes that will lead to Dajjal’s destruction. It’s a must.
  2. Strive for the liberation of Kashmir. The Vale does belong to India. It never did belong to India. And it never will belong to India. The ongoing Hindutvadi oppression of the Kashmiri people is the longest-running military occupation in the world. And with the ties between the usurping Zionist entity and the Indian state growing by the day, the struggle against this injustice takes on an even more critical dimension. The Islamicate can never be free as long as Kashmir remains under the Indian jackboot.
  3. Strive for the end of the war on Yemen. That doesn’t only mean screaming “Death To Saud!” and condemning every act of inhuman terror Saudi Arabia commits against the Yemeni people, from the bombings to the mass starvation. Although this must be done daily and even hourly if possible. It also means defending Ansarullah with all your being, for it is the sole defender of Yemen, and flying its Sarkha as if it’s your own.
  4. Demand the freedom of Nigeria’s Sheikh Zakzaky and justice for the 1,000+ Shi’a martyrs of the Zaria Massacre. The Khomeini of Africa shouldn’t be released from a jail cell tomorrow, next week or next year but NOW. Enough has BEEN enough.
  5. Strive for the dismantlement of the Zio-Imperium’s greatest deceptions, mainly the official stories for 9/11 and the JFK assassination as well as the “Holocaust”. You cannot portray yourself as an opponent of the Zio-Imperium while upholding its most devastating lies out of expediency. You simply cannot.
  6. Resist, categorically, like Sayyed Beheshti (R.A.) taught us, every tentacle of liberalism down to the ideological root. Be it feminism, abortion, LGBTQIA “rights”, imperialist-governed open borders or color revolutions. Not only are all these currents diametrically opposed to Islam, they are funded by a network of dangerous Zionist billionaires, most prominently George Soros and Peter Ackerman.
  7. Defend Syria without interruption. The only Arab state to arm the Mouqawamah in both Palestine and Lebanon is nearly finished defeating the global war launched against it by the Empire and Wahhabi-Takfirism in the name of Oded Yinon and “Greater ‘Israel'”. It’s imperative to maintain vigilance and be prepared for any plots that may be initiated to counteract the impending final victory.
  8. Demand the expulsion of all American troops from Iraq. The land once known as Mesopotamia has suffered under Zio-Imperialism stretching back half a century between coups, dictatorships, invasions, sanctions and terrorism. With ISIS defeated thanks to the sacrifices of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance and assistance from the brotherly nation of Iran, all that remains is removing the illegal forces of Shaytan al-Akbar and weeding out the corruption exemplified by its agents. Be it the technocrats or the fools who dare call themselves “clerics”.
  9. Display solidarity with the Bolivarian Latin American states of Venezuela and Bolivia–long in the crosshairs of the Monsters for their own principled stances as well as their genuineness towards the Palestinian cause and unwavering friendship with the Resistance Axis.
  10. Declare your unequivocal support for the Islamic Republic of Iran and the movements it patrons, safeguards and inspires. The Islamic Revolution is our Magnetic North and its leaders are the Lightning Bolts that at once illuminate the dark in the skies and strike fear in any who witness their power. You know their names. Imam Khamenei. Hajj Qassem Suleimani. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Sheikh Na’im Qassem. Sayyed Hashim al-Haidari. Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi. Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi. Sayyed Abou Ali Abdallah al-Hakim al-Houthi. Add them and the moujahideen they guide and command to your supplications and pray for their triumph. Because it’s our triumph too. It isn’t subservience but humbleness, love and recognition of reality that we say, “We are where we are and we’ve won what we’ve won because of the foundation built by Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.)”

There only need to be 313 men and 50 women to be worthy of Imam al-Mahdi’s (A.S.) company. That’s not much. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that each and every one of us doing our part in the Soft War have to be among them. Rather, it could be our efforts that spark the awakening of such persons and THAT, in and of itself, will guarantee favor from ALLAH (SWT). We don’t want to see our Imam (A.S.) lonely, homeless and rejected. We want to see our Imam (A.S.) overwhelmed with partisans, housed, secure and embraced. And we swear by him that we will make it so. Labaykah ya Mahdi (A.S.) and may ALLAH (SWT) hasten your reappearance with a quickness unknown to the human eye! Death to ‘Israel’! Death to Global Zionism! Death to the Dajjal! Towards a world of Sublime Justice, we strive.

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