“Gay Rights” Discussions Have ZERO Place In Palestine Liberation Discourse

by Jonathan Azaziah

Okay. What the HELL is this? For real, what in the name of Almighty God is this rubbish? A new documentary called “Oriented”, directed by British Jew Jake Witzenfeld–it would be a Witzenfeld making this sort of filth, wouldn’t it?– covers the lives of three gay Palestinians in “Tel Aviv”, including one self-described “flirty diva chatterbox” named Khader Abou Sayf, and it is set to hit the Chicago Palestine Film Festival at the end of the month. Tag-line for the film is “We are Palestine, we’re here and we’re queer”. Vomit-inducing? This would be stating it mildly. I can’t understand for the life of me why male homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism constantly have to be draped over the Palestinian cause.

These things don’t have a damn thing to do with liberating Palestine and sending every last land-stealing Jewish supremacist parasite packing, either by plane, train, bus, boat or coffin. These things don’t have one iota of relevance to stopping ‘Israel’ from destroying the region, namely Syria, Iraq and Yemen. These things, flamboyantly practiced in the Judaized West, ultimately, are ALIEN to our culture, our religion, our history and our identity. If the abomination of two men getting married is suddenly allowed in Al-Quds, is this going to expedite the liberation of Al-Aqsa and Qoubbat al-Sakrah? Hell no. If Palestinians suddenly become cool with the obscenity of two women making out in the streets of Gaza, is this going to end the siege? Hell no. If gay and lesbian bars become the norm in Haifa–and they’re starting to, disgustingly and unfortunately enough–will this hasten the freedom of the 1948 lands? Hell no once more. Quite the opposite in fact! So what exactly is the damn point of any of this except to distract, deflect and divide?

If our expat folk wanna get down with all that nonsense, in complete ignorance of the INSANELY insidious forces backing, promoting, facilitating and disseminating the agenda of the absurd and divisive LGBTQIA “movement”… FINE. Go right ahead. Prance around with all the Jews you want and pretend that these very same people who have Jewish family and Jewish friends squatting on Palestinian land are somehow magically going to help you end the Zionist entity. Whatever delusions help you sleep at night, that’s lovely. But do it on your own time, your own dime, and don’t you dare attach any of that garbage to the precious, righteous and pure Palestinian cause.

You know, it is precisely this kind of Westoxified, Zionized, ultra-liberal POISON that the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” and all of its organs will glorify and promote the living daylights out of, as a means of showing Jews and “leftist” Europeans how “human”, “modern” and “tolerant” Palestinians are, while simultaneously BANNING, literally BANNING Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims from the discussion of liberation because they hold views that make “human rights” subversives and crypto-Zionist “activists” uncomfortable, i.e. the defense of the Syrian Arab Republic, 9/11 truth, historical revisionism vis-a-vis WW2, the ideological destructiveness and supremacy of Judaism, etc.

Chief among these banned persons is my dear friend and teacher, Nahida Izzat, a Palestinian poet and intellectual luminary who has been blacklisted by the likes of Electronic “Intifada”, Mondoweiss, Ramzy Baroud and his “Palestine” Chronicle, 972 Magazine, Desert Peace… You name it, she’s been banned by it. Someone else who comes to mind is my brother and TUT colleague Sammi Ibrahem, who has been shot and imprisoned on multiple occasions by Sahyouni enemy occupation forces, but despite all the wisdom, heartache and lessons which come with such horrific experiences, he has been ostracized and isolated by the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” because he’s not content with the idea of sharing his ancestral land with the demons who stole it and raped it. How Orwellian and Talmudic does it get?!?!?!?!?!

Keeping all of the above in mind, there is a final point to be made here, the proverbial ashta on the cocktail. If I wanted to make a documentary about the religious, cultural and political motivations which drove the Jewish-Zionist monsters to plot and execute the annihilation of my homeland (Iraq), would Ali Abunimah, Rania Khalek, Philip Weiss and Max “I Defend The Head-Chopping FSA And My Dad Helped Destroy Libya” Blumenthal give me their stamp of approval? What about my fams Khanverse? If he decided to make a documentary about the subterranean involvement of ‘Israel’ in the destruction of his homeland (Afghanistan), specifically the role of one Mossad agent named Yosef A. Maiman and his corporation the Merhav Group, would he get the backing of the aforementioned “Palestine Solidarity” mainstays?

If Mouqawamah Music made a documentary about the abyssal involvement of ‘Israel’ in the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01, and how this false flag event granted media cover to Ariel Sharon and Shaul Mofaz as they unleashed butchery on the Palestinian people during the Second Intifada, would Electronic “Intifada” back it as gleefully and vociferously as it backed the fake “Syrian revolution”? And lastly, what about the heroic, Jewish-supremacy-rejecting, staunchly anti-Imperialist, Death-To-‘Israel’-chanting Houthis? If I made a documentary about the Yemeni Mouqawamah’s triumphs and the Zionist origins of the Saudi war on the beautiful Yemeni people, would it get the same publicity and support that Jake Witzenfeld and his atrocious gay documentary are getting? NO. NO. NO. And NO. This shows you just how controlled these “activists” are, and who exactly is pulling their strings. In other words, there is nothing Palestinian or liberationist about the “Palestine Solidarity Movement”. Because if it was truly concerned about Palestine and its liberation, these topics–which, regardless of nonsensical smears of “anti-Semitism”, relate directly and intimately to Zionism and the occupation of Palestine whereas “gay rights” do not in any capacity–and wonderful thinkers/fighters like Nahida and Sammi wouldn’t be banned and denigrated but welcomed and saluted.

Yes indeed, the “Palestine Solidarity Movement” and the discourse surrounding it are as colonized as Palestine itself. Both are infested with usurping, occupying Jews as dangerous as Netanyahu and treacherous, Zionist-serving collaborators as loathsome as Mahmoud Abbas. The “two state solution” is false and the “one state solution” as advocated by the BDS crowd is even more false. Total liberation, that which is preached by Hizbullah, Ansarullah, Iran and several Palestinian Resistance factions, that which was achieved by Hizbullah and the Algerian people, is the ONLY WAY FORWARD. Everything else is subterfuge and illusion. And anybody who disagrees, most especially the “gay rights” advocates and their House Arab/House Muslim shills, know exactly where to shove their gripes and hasbara. Pun intended. Regardless of who might be offended, there will be no tongue-holding or pen-dropping here. ‪#‎Ta7yaFalasteen‬ ‪#‎DeathToIsrael‬ ‪#‎TotalPalestineLiberation‬

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