Fury Over Iraq Today: ISIS Slaughters Pilgrims Marching For Imam Kazim (A.S.)

by Jonathan Azaziah

My heart bleeds and breaks for the homeland today. At least 23 Iraqi pilgrims were murdered and nearly 40 other innocents were wounded in Baghdad this morning when an ISIS suicide bomber attacked them on a road as they made their way to Imam Moussa al-Kazim’s (A.S.) holy shrine in Kazimiyeh to commemorate his martyrdom 1,217 years ago. Yes, Ibn Jaafar al-Sadiq (A.S.) is the infallible 7th Imam to we Shi’a, but he is also a giant of Islamic scholarship, a saint of the highest order and a glowing embodiment of piety revered by all Muslims, so why would ISIS, ostensibly being an “Islamic” state, carry out such a shaytanic atrocity? Because these Takfiri terrorist slimebags are no more Muslim than their masters Gadi Eizenkot, Tamir Pardo and Herzl Halevi. Indeed, these Takfiri terrorist slimebags are the antithesis to Islam and are nothing more than tools of the Zionist entity, its Western ZOGs and the Dönmeh Saudi regime.

And yet, there are persons who still wonder why we chant “Death To ‘Israel!’” and “Death To Saud!” louder than ever. Since the criminal US-UK invasion in 2003, ‘Israel’, through its Mossad and the American neocons’ P2OG program, and Saudi Arabia through its vast network of Wahhabi cannon fodder, have terrorized Iraq with sophisticated, coordinated car bombs and crude suicide attacks to spread divisions on ethno-communal lines and get Iraqis to tear themselves apart. The ‘Israeli’-Saudi alliance created a plethora of proxy groups which finally transmogrified into ISIS to unleash killing and destruction on every sector of Iraqi society as a means of furthering this strategic and Halakhic-Talmudic aim. International Zionism’s desire to destroy the Iraqi people has always been more than geopolitically-based but ideological and deeply religious. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said years ago that the hatred the Zionists have for the Iraqi people, because of our fierceness, intelligence and unquenchable thirst for learning, is in “their books”. This is why the Jewish Power Configuration and its quislings always hurt us on our holiest and highest days.

Well guess what you devils? We’re still here and as the Iraqi Popular Mobilization–comprised of Muslims from the Sunni, Shi’a and Sufi schools of thought and Christians–has shown, your Takfiri Frankenstein is no match for us, nor can it disunite us. And without your unlimited financial, military, intelligence, political and logistical support, we would’ve wiped out the ISIS menace not too long after it occupied Mosul. Believe that.

Bringing it all full circle, Imam Moussa al-Kazim (A.S.) was imprisoned and ultimately murdered for speaking truth to more than one unjust ruler (the most prominent one among them being the tyrant Harun al-Rashid who ordered his assassination), certainly the best form of Jihad. So on the anniversary of his martrydom, in his spirit, and in honor of today’s martyrs who marched for him despite the mortal dangers they faced, we speak truth, nay, we SCREAM truth to the conglomerate of the most unjust rulers history has ever known, the Anglo-Zionist Empire: Iraq can weep, Iraq can burn, Iraq can crack and Iraq bleed in agony, but Iraq will never break and Iraq will never die. We will always resist and long after ISIS fades away and your hegemony crumbles into nothingness, we will still be here… Rooted in this ancient soil ‘till Judgment Day. #CantUprootUs #YaMuhammad #YaHussein #YaMoussaAlKazim #DeathToTheEmpire

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