From The Soccer Field To The Battlefield: RIP To Hizbullah Fighter Qassem Shamkha

by Jonathan Azaziah

This is why the Southern Lebanese people are the most beautiful people, bar none. Tip your fitteds and bow your heads to martyred 19-year old Hizbullah fighter Qassem Shamkha, born in the Jnoubiyeh village of Bourj Qallawiyah and raised in the Dahiyeh neighborhood of Bourj el-Barajneh. Qassem was a beloved football player for Al-Ahed, Hizbullah’s soccer club and the best team in the Lebanese Premier League, not to mention a key part of its championship run last year. As a midfielder, he had otherworldly talent and was on the fast track to becoming a bonafide superstar at home and obviously, the longer he would’ve played, he certainly would’ve been scouted by an international squad at some point.

But with Takfiri terrorism bearing down on Lebanon and threatening our entire region in Syria, Qassem decided to heed to a higher calling and take the route of so many other young Lebanese Shi’a from Southern Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley and Dahiyeh by joining Hizbullah. In short, he abandoned the football field for the battlefield. The dauntless young footballer was deployed with many other moujahideen to Aleppo City where Resistance forces are fiercely repelling an assault by Zionist-NATO-GCC-backed terrorists attempting to escape the eastern pockets they’re trapped in. Fighting side-by-side with the warriors of the Syrian Arab Army–including its elite units, the Tiger Forces and Desert Hawks Brigade–his own brothers in Hizbullah, the Syrian-Palestinian paramilitary group Liwa Al-Quds and Iraqi lions from Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba and Kata’ib Hizbullah, Qassem sacrificed his life in the struggle against Takfirism on Halab’s western flank this past Thursday.

There is no humbleness like this. A young man with a life of superstardom and privilege ahead of him but he decided to give up every drop of it, all for the love of country, Resistance and Islam. Because the Jihad of Imam Hussein (A.S.)–that of standing against oppression no matter what–comes before anything, be it one’s profession, one’s finances, even one’s friends and family. This was the spirit that Qassem fought with and died with. He could’ve been a sports legend but was martyred as a Mouqawamah legend instead. This is what makes him a hero, a giant, an angel who temporarily took human form. Again we note, there is no humbleness like this. And again we declare, this is why the Southern Lebanese people, the people of faith and victory, are the most beautiful people, bar none. Rest in sweet, sweet serenity ya Qassem.


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