From Ahad Ha’am To Sheldon Adelson: Over A Century Of Zionist Madness and Arrogance

by Jonathan Azaziah (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

In the wake of Zionist billionaire and Netanyahu backer Sheldon Adelson’s obscene declaration that the Palestinian people are a made-up nation which only seeks the destruction of the usurping Jewish entity, Mouqawamah Music thought it was imperative to engage in a small but nevertheless significant act of historical resistance. While there are, literally, countless examples debunking such racist, Jewish supremacist nonsense about Palestinians “not existing” or Palestine itself being a “figment of ‘the Arab’ imagination”, most prominently the recently released footage showing Palestinian-Arab life in Palestine in 1896, there is a piece of information, a small yet at the same time gargantuan excerpt from the past which puts Adelson and others of his ilk to shame.

Verily, there are occasions when using Jewish-Zionist references to drive a point home can be degrading to our Arab, Muslim and Gentile backgrounds, our very dignity even. It is like saying, Arab, Muslim and Gentile voices which scream of genocide and inform of Zionism’s ills are inferior and thus require the validation of their pristine, more knowledgeable, “chosen” Jewish betters. One does not need the abysmal, shady, Judeo-tribalist likes of Finkelstein or Chomsky when one has Nur Masalha, Mitri Raheb, Sami Hadawi or Walid Khalidi, to name merely a few.  But in this instance, for the Adelsons and Sabans of the world, taking a trip through the sands of time and arriving at a Jewish-Zionist source which can only be described as “destructive in totality” to their worldview, is, categorically required.

In 1891, just about a decade after the Jewish colonization of Palestine began with the funding of the Rothschilds, Schiffs, Warburgs, Arisons and other preeminent Jewish clans, Ahad Ha’am, known originally as Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg and noted for founding “Cultural Zionism”, wrote the following:

“We tend to believe abroad that Palestine is nowadays almost completely deserted, a noncultivated wilderness, and anyone can come there and buy as much land as his heart desires. But in reality this is not the case. It is difficult to find anywhere in the country Arab land which lies fallow; the only areas which are not cultivated are sand dunes or stony mountains, which can be only planted with trees, and even this only after much labor and capital would be invested in clearance and preparation…We tend to believe abroad that all Arabs are desert barbarians, an asinine people who does not see or understand what is going on around them. This is a cardinal mistake. The Arab, like all Semites, has a sharp mind and is full of cunning…But when the day will come in which the life of our people in the Land of Israel will develop to such a degree that they will push aside the local population by little or by much, then it will not easily give up its place…One thing we certainly should have learned from our past and present history, and that is not to create anger among the local population against us…We have to treat the local population with love and respect, justly and rightly. And what do our brethren in the Land of Israel do? Exactly the opposite!…and they behave toward the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, infringe upon their boundaries, hit them shamefully without reason, and even brag about it. Our brethren are right when they say that the Arab honours only those who show valour and fortitude; but this is the case only when he feels that the other side has justice on his side. It is very different in a case when [the Arab] thinks that his opponent’s actions are iniquitous and unlawful; in that case he may keep his anger to himself for a long time, but it will dwell in his heart and in the long run he will prove himself to be vengeful and full of retribution.” [“Emet me-Eretz Israel” (Truth from the Land of Israel), 1891 in Kol Kitvei Ahad Ha’am (Complete Works of Ahad Ha’am), (Tel Aviv, 1946), pp. 24-29]

What is most noteworthy here is that despite Ha’am recognizing the presence of an indigenous population — and blessings be upon this orientalist scoundrel who even recognized the natives’ wit, intelligence and keen sense of justice! How gracious of him! — he refused to abandon his dream of colonizing the Holy Land. Could it be that the colonialist fervor was too great for him to bear? Or was it his Jewishness, perpetually reminding him that as a Jew, it was his duty to recreate “Israel” no matter what was required of him? To this end, in actuality, what is the difference between him, a “spiritual” Jewish conqueror, and Adelson, a crude Jewish conqueror? The answer is: nothing but appearance. Both represent the apogee of Jewish arrogance. It is just that one seeks to oppress through terror outright and the other seeks to oppress through the illusion of colonial kindness first, and if this fails, then revert right back to Judaism’s spirit, execute the precepts of the Torah and Talmud and proceed with the extermination of the Ishmaelites and Amalekites. And notice that we are saying Judaism here and not Zionism, as this is what remains at the forefront of the thought process of Ha’am, Adelson and Jewish supremacists the world over; no doubt that the Judaic religion is their burning core. Adelson himself made sure to invoke the Torah to justify his latest hateful, bigoted outburst.

No ifs, ands or buts about it, make sure to ram this gem down the throat of the next Zionist who dares say that the Palestinian people and Palestine are “invented”. Make sure to — figuratively or literally — scream at the top of your lungs that even the founding thinkers of Zionism knew this age-old Jewish talking point to be untruthful. But most importantly, remember that, as Malcolm X (R.A.) famously said, “Truth is on the side of the oppressed.” And there is nothing that International Jewry, its wealth, power and influence aside, can do in the battle against truth, for like the warmth of the sun on a gray winter day, the Zionists’ lies fade away when coming in contact with the righteous essence of veracity.

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  1. November 10, 2014.

    I am very impressed with your excellent articles:
    From Ahad Ha’am to Sheldon Adelson

    Why do they hate Atzmon and Love Sands.
    By Trevor LaBonte (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

    NOVEMBER 3, 2014
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    Arthur Franz Billy Ph.D., P.E.
    A Palestinian born in Jerusalem, Palestine

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