Freaky: NATO’s Massacre Of Pakistani Soldiers In 2011 Mirrors US Assault On SAA In Deir Ezzor

by Jonathan Azaziah

The American regime is a liar. I’ll say it again: The genocidal, warmongering, sanguinary, Zionist-controlled American regime is a GODDAMN LIAR. Thanks to a gem dropped by the Syrian Arab Republic’s Foreign Ministry, we now know for sure that contrary to the legerdemain spewed by various minions of the Washington ZOG, there was no “accident” in Deir Ezzor yesterday. Five US aircraft bombarded the Syrian Arab Army for one hour–you ain’t read that wrong, SIXTY MINUTES OF MURDER–with phosphorous munitions, invalidating each and every suggestion that this was unintentional. Moreover, while some astute analysts rightfully wondered if the United Snakes of IsraHell jammed Russian-Syrian comms prior to the assault–and I don’t think there’s even a shadow of a scintilla of a smidgen of a doubt that the Imperialists did exactly that as well–we also now have confirmed information from the ever-eloquent Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban that the US told Russia it was going to be hitting ISIS targets on Deir Ezzor’s Thardeh Mountain but mercilessly attacked the Syrian Arab Army instead in a major military boost to Daesh! Grandiose deceptions galore!

What is most eerie of all about the Deir Ezzor massacre is that it is a MIRROR IMAGE of the massacre of at least 24 Pakistani soldiers in the Salala Mountains in late November 2011. For two hours–45 minutes the first go-around, then a 20-minute lull before the second go-around for 60 minutes–NATO ruthlessly strafed two Pakistani military posts on the Pakistani-Afghani border. In the aftermath, NATO said it “didn’t know” it was attacking the Pakistani Armed Forces and called its criminal, naked act of aggression a “mistake”. Pakistani officials later revealed that their military was in constant communication with the American-led death squad of helicopters, gunships and fighter jets and repeatedly told them to stand down but to no avail. The reason for the attack was to pave the way for the TTP’s advancement and Pakistan’s balkanization. Swap the details of the Thardeh Mountain Massacre with the Salala Mountain Massacre and you’d be hard-pressed to find a difference. They are truly carbon copies. Both were uninterrupted. Both were purposeful. Both were strategic moves, executed to extend a helping hand to Takfiri terrorists destabilizing each respective nation. And both were covered up with subsequent chicanery.

But unlike the Pakistani state, which has long been riddled with a struggle between its corrupt “elites” and its Anti-Zionist citizenry and military rank-and-file, the Syrian Arab Republic is the last bastion of state-level Arab Mouqawamah and will not be browbeaten into forgetting the sacrifices of its soldiers as the collaborationist regime in Islamabad was. Unlike the Salala Mountain Massacre martyrs, whose departures remain unavenged because of US-enforced political decisions tying the hands of the Pakistani Armed Forces, the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army who fell at the cruel hands of the Anglo-Zionist Empire will not die in vain. If not in a DIRECT response–because Damascus, Hizbullah, Tehran, Moscow and the Iraqi Resistance will not be tricked into starting WW3 by the neocons’ bait–then the retaliation will come on the battlefield with crushing blows inflicted on the Wahhabi mercenaries of the US-‘Israeli’ Imperium.

As for us? We will continue to expose the lies and deconstruct the crimes of Earth’s Most Evil; we will continue, through the truth, to bring glory to the resistant victims of Zion and NATO, be they from Syria, Pakistan or anywhere else in the world. For as beloved Palestinian poet Tawfiq Zayyad famously wrote, “Gentlemen, you have transformed our nation into a graveyard. You have planted bullets in our heads and organized massacres. Gentlemen, nothing passes like that without account. All that you have done to our people is registered in notebooks.”

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