Final Studio Session Of “Eternally Husseini” Is Here But First, We Bow Our Heads For Today’s Syrian Martyrs

by Jonathan “Madd Cold”

‘Bout to hit the studio for the FINAL session of “Eternally Husseini”… I’ll be recording the outro to the album, an ultra-heavy track called “When The Rocks & The Trees Cry”. But it’s hard to feel anything other than something between crippling melancholy and feral fury after what happened today in Damascus. All my love and solidarity to those martyred in the Takfiri suicide bombings on the Syrian capital as well as the wounded and their steadfast families. Prayers and heartfelt vibes to my Syrian brethren too. It’s not a coincidence that these heinous atrocities were perpetrated today, for today marks six years of war. Six years of terrorism. Six years of destabilization. Six years of chaos in the name of “Greater ‘Israel'” because the usurping Zionist entity and its NATO-GCC puppets proved themselves unable to knock down the Resistance Axis in the 2006 July War. But also… Six years of RESISTANCE. Everything happening on Syrian soil at this moment is a direct result of the ‘Israeli’-American-Khaleeji failure to defeat Hizbullah over a decade ago and Syria’s refusal to abandon its decades-long military support for the resistance organisms in Lebanon and occupied Palestine. Six years of horror but Syria, its Army and its remarkable people have shown the Empire that their knees don’t buckle; their voices do not crack; their fists do not unclench; and their spirits do not shatter.

The Monsters started this project thinking that Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad would be toppled and every inch of Bilad al-Sham would fall under their dominion. Instead, what The Monsters have received is their biggest defeat ever as every inch of Bilad al-Sham is on the verge of liberation–just like Aleppo. Can’t cry, won’t cry. Indeed, because skying, like 10,000 years of Syrian civilization, is the much, MUCH preferred option. Rest in heavenly light to the glorious Shouhada. I bring y’all into the booth with me today as Syria’s struggle is Iraq’s struggle. In your radiantly blessed names, I’m gonna let it rip something FIERCE. See you on the other side of the Mouqawamist Microphone. #LongLiveSyria #LongLiveAssad #LongLiveTheSAA #LongLiveHizbullah #HipHopHizbullah #MaddCold #EternallyHusseiniComingSoon

One thought on “Final Studio Session Of “Eternally Husseini” Is Here But First, We Bow Our Heads For Today’s Syrian Martyrs”

  1. I shall never cease explaining how these “eternally suffering israelis” are fooling so many people who can’t understand the role of Hezbollah in freeing Lebanon and now helping President Assad to regain control of his country (including the Golan Heights). Naturally Syria ‘s ally, Iran is “evil” as it wants the end of “israel” as an exclusive property of the jews. Long live a Middle East free from Zionists and from their Western accomplices. While London sheds tears on the killing of a few people, it praises those soldiers who have slaughtered hundreds of thousands in other countries. You have my full support.

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