False Flag Terror Attack On Christians In Lahore Is All About Purim

by Jonathan Azaziah

The slaughter of Christians on Easter in ‪#‎Lahore‬ today was beyond sick but it wasn’t “senseless” as many a geopolitical analyst have described. It was strategic, it was deliberate, and as is the case with everything our “chosenite” enemy does, it was well-timed. In this instance, to perfectly coincide with the aftermath of the Jewish revenge festival known as Purim, just like the ‪#‎Brussels‬ attack and the murderous bombing of the soccer game in ‪#‎Iraq‬.

Hatred for Messiah Jesus (A.S.) is at the root of Judaism, so to attack Christians on what they consider “Resurrection Day”, shows just how deep this vile disdain for the Palestinian Prophet Ibn Maryam (A.S.) is and the lengths that International Zionism will go to as a means of harming those who love and cherish him. And regardless of where the hell “Jamaat al-Ahrar” came from, the fact that these Takfiri lunatics claim to be part of the Tehrik-e-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP), outright betrays the dirty hands of ‘Israel’ and its Hindutvadi counterpart in India. “Tel Aviv” and New Delhi have long funded, armed and trained Takfiri terrorist gangs under a stratagem known as the Dragon Policy to spread sectarianism throughout Pakistan and ultimately balkanize it.

This destabilization scheme has targeted Shi’a and anti-Saudi Sunnis since Mossad’s false flag on 9/11. When this is coupled with the truth that Al-Saud is also spending billions on Wahhabizing Pakistani society–which has led to the violent persecution of both Shi’a and Ahmadis going back decades–it isn’t surprising that Christians are now being targeted too. One more layer of communal discord has just added been to a state that is already weak and utterly enslaved to the US-Zionist Empire. Dragon Policy+Purim+Saudi petrodollars=mass murder and another news cycle of demonizing Islam, thus furthering the monsters’ agenda. The equation ain’t that difficult to figure out.

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