East Caspian railway project proves futility of sanctions against Iran

A senior Iranian official says the East Caspian Sea railway project between Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan will prove that sanctions against Tehran have failed to affect the Islamic Republic’s ties with regional countries.

“The inauguration of this huge project will prove that cruel international and unilateral sanctions [against Tehran] have had no impact on regional countries’ desire for the expansion of cooperation with Iran,” Presidential Office’s Deputy for Communications and Publicity Parviz Esmaeili said on Monday.

He added that the Islamic Republic’s strategy is based on multilateral cooperation with the purpose of improving regional security.

The North-South rail corridor will link the Kazakh city of Uzen to the Iranian city of Gorgan in northern Golestan Province, he noted.

Esmaeili said the railway is around 920 kilometers long, some 85 kilometers of which passes through Iran, 700 kilometers through Turkmenistan and 140 kilometers through Kazakhstan.

The Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway will cut around 10,000 kilometers of the route for international transportation between East (from China to Central Asia) and West (Western Europe countries).

Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway became operational on Wednesday in the presence of the presidents of the three countries.

For his part, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the inauguration ceremony as “memorable and historic” and said that the project would benefit the whole region. Rouhani further noted that the railway will make the transportation of commodities among the countries cheaper, and also make economic cooperation between them more profitable. He also said that the railway has the potential to transport millions of tonnes of commodities and thousands of passengers annually, saying the capacity should be increased. The railway can connect great countries like Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey and Iraq to the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.


Source: Press TV


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